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How This Couple Makes A Full-Time Income Flipping Furniture

How This Couple Makes A Full-Time Income Flipping Furniture
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There are so many side hustles and freelancing gigs that you can earn extra income and bucks. Whether that’s with some online jobs, or physical labor jobs, like cutting lawns or walking dogs, there’s always a place for side gig jobs.

Heck, you can look into blogging with freelance writing, renting out and selling homes, going on Fiverr, going on survey sites (not scams) like Swagbucks, you can tutor students, and all other freelancing opportunities making side income and cents with a part-time day job. You might need to monetize yourself with passive income opportunities on weekends to get your paycheck!

One of the best money tips you will learn is how to increase your income, and one of the most lucrative side hustles is flipping furniture. Just ask Rob and Melissa from Flea Market Flipper! They make a full-time income from flipping that includes flipping furniture.

Get Started Flipping Furniture

There are so many kinds of flip-gigs for earning money on the side. People can flip electronics that they fix up and make money on, random industrial equipment that, again, is fixed, or even random things like paper clips until you get to a house. One of the lesser-known types of flipping businesses is the furniture flipping industry.

Basically, when someone purchases a poor piece of furniture before then renovating it, either by fixing parts of it or painting over it, they are able to sell it for a high premium compared to what they initially paid for. 

It’s a type of money flipping furniture job, and you can make full-time income from it. It isn’t always going to be the easiest way to make income-flipping a reality, but it’s easy to go to local thrift stores yard sales or a random flea market and grab an end table and old pieces of solid wood furniture from a yard sale to make some nice cash.

You CAN make a full-time income flipping. It can make flipping furniture feel worth it. Here’s why you should take part.

When you first start flipping, you may want to learn from the pros. That’s where Flea Market Flipper comes in. In their first year flipping, they made $133,000, and now they teach you how to make an income flipping furniture too. Flipping furniture even helped them obtain financial freedom and flexibility. Want to learn how?

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Benefits of Flipping Furniture and Other Items

Most people will never get rich by painting furniture, but there are a select few of them that will make it their full-time job. At the very least, it will become a nice and fulfilling side gig that you might find satisfying enough to keep going.

The main benefit is obviously making money with the side gig. Working from home is also tons of fun and it’s a great way to earn money and get paid for your hard work! You can purchase an old bit of furniture on Facebook Marketplace for under $50 then fix it up with both paint and fabric. You can then sell that for hundreds of dollars more, making sure that your time spent on it was well worth it on the day of sale.

Another benefit is the therapeutic and calm nature that comes from painting and showing your creative side. Many people don’t think they can be creative enough to make these endeavors fun, but you’d be surprised just how quickly you can create wonderful works of art.

Making money online is not for everyone, but it’s beneficial for people who are easily motivated. To work from home means to earn extra money, which obviously is a “yes please” endeavor!

How To Start and Grow Your Flipping Furniture Business

Improve your Social Media Presence

The first way to start any business is to create an online presence through social media and website design. People will need to know who you are and how to purchase your products, so ensuring that it’s easy to find your storefront is a must! It’s been proven that the more a company interacts with its consumers, the more sales they will end up making. 

Creating social media accounts dedicated to your work on the process of flipping furniture will drive more traffic to your site, and you’ll earn some extra cash for your time. Who doesn’t want to make extra cash? I know everyone should want to make more extra cash. 

Your Instagram or Facebook business page will drive people towards your furniture restoration and furniture makeovers. The road to getting paid over a hundred dollars starts with signing up for these sites!

Find High-Quality Furniture

There’s no point for someone to purchase poor products at similar price points to quality furniture. You won’t find a way to make money flipping furniture by being cheap with the initial furniture you buy, so it’s worth it to spend more money upfront to purchase older furniture that is in good condition. You’ll be amazed at how different fake wood products are to real wood products and how much easier it will be to paint over furniture that isn’t too damaged to begin with.

Take Great Photos

Everyone’s only way of seeing what you are offering from the beginning is through your pictures posted on websites and social media. Although this may seem outside of your skill range, it’s not too hard to learn! Ensuring you take great, professional-looking shots will drive more sales towards your products. You’ll need good lighting, backgrounds, and angles to make your renovated furniture worth buying. It’s another great side hustle aspect that you will have to learn, and it’s all because you started flipping furniture.

Be a Great Communicator

If you are not actively showing face via your online presence (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist), then people are going to feel less like you are a person and more like you are a business trying to make money flipping furniture. 

Companies always strive to seem like your friendly neighbor, but that’s what you are as long as you post consistently on social media, respond to people’s questions and engage with the community via giveaways, sneak peeks and more.

Best Tips to Have a Profitable Flipping Business (Despite the Market Environment)

Look for the Best Prices

While you don’t want to be spending so little on furniture or supplies that the quality of the product will be lackluster to the price you are willing to sell it for, you also won’t want to spend too much that it will diminish your returns, either. Make sure to look for furniture and supplies like paint that will provide you with the most bang for your buck. You’ll have to achieve the right balance between too expensive and too cheap, but once you find that balance, you’ll maximize your earnings.

The money flipping furniture makes it so you need to earn max money based on the lowest spending. Wood furniture, a farmhouse table, or more home decor pieces can be purchased for very minimal amounts. It’s not terribly had to find the best things for your personal finance needs, but you can find them at a garage sale, flea markets, thrift stores, or other places specializing in flipping furniture (used, un-touched up, that is).

Offer Many Creative Options for Your Customers

Clients will start to see how awesome your products are once you start selling your first few pieces. Once they see that, however, they’ll want to dictate what future furniture will look like. Some people will want a certain design, others will want certain colors. You will get more customers if you are willing to take requests, which means more money!

Don’t Outprice Your Customers

Pricing your furniture at too high of a price will lead to fewer purchases at that higher mark. It probably won’t be enough for you to make up what you would have lost through fewer sales. The big question will be what you are going to price everything at, though. Every piece of furniture is unique, and so will the prices. Don’t be afraid to negotiate.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ship Items

Perhaps the biggest barrier to keep yourself from making loads of more money is shipping. If you want to learn how to make extra money, you’ll learn that one of the ways to make extra money online is through sending furniture nationwide. 

If you’re willing to go through the difficulties of packaging, scheduling pickups, and selling furniture through the mail, then you’re in for an exponentially bigger consumer base. Instead of your local area, you will have access to all the people in the country. The more people, the more ways to make money flipping furniture online.

So, Is Flipping Furniture Profitable?

Flipping can be very profitable, but the amount of money you make in total will depend on how much you are able to build from the ashes. We’re talking about making extra money to a high level here; people will make a lot of money on each sale if they initially purchase an expensive piece of furniture before swapping it for a huge profit. It’s one of the best ways to earn money online, so if you want to know how to make money online, look no further.

Just know that you will probably only make a nice amount of side money that you can use on either “fun” stuff or bills. Regardless, you will get paid to freelance and make some extra money from home. Sell your furniture, and your online business/side business will make money fast as long as you are using good money-making habits to make more money fast.

Flipping furniture can be such a therapeutic experience, but the only barrier between that and a lack of fulfillment is you. Now, you should be all set to start your furniture flipping business, so go out there and get creative and paid! Start flipping furniture right away, and getting started will make it so easy to discover how much money you can make!

Do you find furniture pieces and then flip furniture? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

And remember to check out the free webinar.