Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and how our blog has grown over time. We feel very fortunate to have been included in the following publications and podcasts.

Publications We Have Been Featured In:

Forbes – 10 Ways to Increase Your Annual Income

U.S. News & World Report – How Coronavirus Is Impacting Retirees Overseas

Ladders – 10 Tips for Making Your Next Salary Negotiation More Productive – 28 Experts Answer: How Were You Criticized for Managing your Money? – The Financial Challenges of Debt and Divorce: 28 Experts Respond

Yahoo! Finance – 8 People Reveal How They Doubled Their Income

GoBankingRates – 8 People Reveal How They Doubled Their Income

Fox Business – 3 signs it’s time to refinance your student loans today

Think Save Retire – These newer bloggers are writing about their dreams, and we should pay attention

The Simple Dollar – Best Personal Loans for 2020 – 6 Tips For Filing Taxes for the First Time (And Common Tax Mistakes to Avoid)

Physician on FIRE – The Sunday Best (5/31/2020)

Physician on FIRE – The Sunday Best (6/14/2020)

Physician on FIRE – The Sunday Best (8/2/2020)

Refined by FIRE – The Hope and Simple Math of Extremely Early Retirement

Financial Impulse – 10 Money Saving Hacks to Boost Your Finances

Financial Impulse – 10 Tips for Negotiating Your Salary

Vital Dollar – 20 Ideas to Help You Land Your First Freelance Client

The Simple Minded Millennial Podcast – 5 Millennial Articles to Read this Week Round Up #11

NextGen Wealth – The NextGen Wealth Weekly Roundup August 9, 2019

NextGen Wealth – The NextGen Wealth Weekly Roundup August 30, 2019

NextGen Wealth – The NextGen Wealth Weekly Roundup October 18, 2019

Side Jam Biz – How You Been Criticized for Managing Your Money?

Dollar Revolution – The Ultimate FinCon 2019 Recap Roundup

OppLoans – Retirement Alternatives to a 401(k)

Camp FIRE Finance – Featured on September 26, 2019

SparkRental – Real Estate vs. Stocks: Which Is Faster for FI & Early Retirement?

TruPathSearch – 9 Tips to Handle Being Furloughed in 2020

CBNation – 30 Entrepreneurs Explain Why They Started Their Business

Blythe Grace – 11 Effective Ways To Cut Business Expenses

Financial Independence Hub – 8 Creative Financing options for the New Normal

Cheapism – 19 Smart Ways to Get Through a Recession

Finder – What should you do after your credit card application is denied?

Finder – 10 Tips from Women Investing Experts

Mom Money Map – Best Personal Finance Books (2020): The Must-Reads About Managing Money

Match Financial – Here’s What to Do If You’ve Been Laid Off, and Owe Money on Loans and Credit Cards

The Financially Independent Millennial – Personal Finance Tips: An Anthology To Review And Bookmark in 2021

Tim Thomas – What to do With 100k: The Experts’ View

Guest Posts We Have Written:

Grow (Acorns + CNBC) – How I paid off $60,000 in student loans and auto debt and turned my side hustle into a 6-figure job

Grow (Acorns + CNBC) – I turned my side hustle into a 6-figure job and now I’m on track to retire by 40

Grow (Acorns + CNBC) – Passive income is helping me achieve my goal of retiring at 40: Here’s my best advice.

MSN – 7 amazing ways decluttering changed my life

The Savvy Couple – 11 Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners That Will Make You Money Fast

Your Money Geek – 5 Reasons Dave Ramsey’s Scared of the FIRE Movement

Think Save Retire – 5 Lessons Learned About Retirement After My Salary Hit $100,000 a Year

Peerless Money Mentor: From Broke Phi Broke to Financially Woke – How To FIRE

Camp FIRE Finance: 5 Things I Learned from the FIRE Community

Free Money Finance: 6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Take FIRE Too Far

Women Who Money: Getting Your Voice Heard in Your Family’s Finances

Podcasts We Have Been Guests On:

ChooseFI – Episode 129R: Focused Work Ethic

What’s Up Next – Episode 46: First Time FinCon?

Man Overseas: Saving $70,000 a Year at 24 Years Old

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Events We Have Attended:

  • ChooseFI Philly Local Meet-Ups (We are both admins!)
  • Playing with FIRE Philly Premiere in King of Prussia
  • FinCon 2019 in Washington, D.C.