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Compound Interest Calculator

Sometimes referred to as the eigth wonder of the world, compound interest is what allows your savings to leverage growth over time.

Using the visualizer below, you will begin to understand how quickly your money can grow with continued contributions.

Consistently investing over a long period of time is a highly effective way to accumulate wealth.

Please note: This calculator is optimized for Desktop viewing. On Mobile, horizontal view is better but not ideal due to the large datasets


Annual Savings Scenarios

Enter an a value for each scenario to see it compound over time.

Annual Return (%)

Enter a return rate that you expect your investments to earn over time.

Number of Years

Enter the desired number of years you'd like to project your money to grow.

Scenario 1 Annual Savings:
Scenario 2 Annual Savings:
Scenario 3 Annual Savings:
Annual Return (%):
Number of Years:

Savings Over Time

Note: Interest Compounded Annually

Yearly Breakdown