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21 Under The Table Jobs That Pay Cash

21 Under The Table Jobs That Pay Cash

Everyone knows the feeling of getting home from a long work week, seeing their deposit or check and thinking, “That’s it?” While taxes typically go to good resources, seeing a large chunk of your paycheck not go to you can be demoralizing. Utilizing one or several of the best under the table jobs could help you incase cashflow each month.

Just because you are older doesn’t mean you still can’t help a neighbor out and make money under the table. There are many jobs out there where you can make money that way, ranging from skill-based to manual labor positions.

You’ll need the motivation to find these jobs, but once you have them, getting paid under the table will make you feel a lot better about your work benefits. Keep reading to find out more ways to help you stop saying “I need money now!”

How To Find Under the Table Jobs

Whether you’ve been laid off and filed for unemployment, or are just looking for a job on the weekends under the table jobs may provide you with a solution. There are so many ways to find under the table jobs online. Here are a few.

Facebook Groups

Facebook is one of the best online ways to find work local to you. It’s almost impossible to find groups that are not tailored to your locality, and people may frequently post job requests or service offers on that page. Like so many under the table jobs, timing is important, so being the first one to see an offer to, say, paint a house, will be integral to building your portfolio.

Reddit Subreddits

Reddit is an online forum-like website full of so many discussion topics including under the table jobs. There are some quick jobs that can be done from home, like web-development or graphic design. You can find jobs on the Subreddit r/WorkOnline that can help with that.

The Subreddit r/ForHire will help with more typical gig-work and odd jobs, but the downside is that it favors larger metropolitan areas more than rural regions. Job seekers can utilize reddit as a great way to find job listings. Finding a job online can be easier than attending job fairs. This subreddit has boomed with the gig economy learning to make extra money.

Job Websites

Several sites offer job boards for those looking for jobs online. You can search for jobs on websites like Care focuses on people that are in need of caring, like parents who need babysitters or seniors who need someone to be attentive to their needs. Another great place to find work Tutoring is on Tutor. If you’re looking for perfectly paired career opportunities, we highly recommend you start your job search online.

Other sites such as Indeed allow employers and others to create job postings searching for qualified candidates. You’re able to upload your resumes to some of these sites to help you get paired with job openings. Employers will post jobs to these job sites in hopes that candidates will respond to their job posting. Many of these sites also offer the ability to sign up for job alert updates.

Alternative websites such as Rover present great opportunities for people to make extra side income. Rover focuses on pets’ needs, so dog and cat-lovers should spend a good amount of time there. There you can apply for jobs and look at vacancies. There’s many more that have not been mentioned, too!

The Best Under the Table Jobs For Quick Cash

Finding ways to earn extra cash paid daily, or even shorter multi-day cash paying job opportunities can be difficult to come by. They can come in the form of a unique side job, picking up the occasional delivery driver role, or even becoming an infrequent dog walker are all ways to help you easily apply what you know to find a quick buck.

If you come across jobs that pay cash only they may seem a little sketchy – just make sure you’re doing your due diligence and recording how much you’re making so you can account for it at tax time!


Do you have a knack for fixing things? If so, it’s likely that people will pay to help out. They may need your expertise in household appliances, woodworking, electronics or computers – whatever the case is! However – make sure not take on a job without knowledge of them as this would lead to negative experiences and could ruin any future work opportunities.

Get Local Jobs

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Babysitting can be one of the most lucrative under-the-table jobs because every parent will, at some point, have the need to get out of the house and away from their children. That’s where you come in.

Typically, you’ll just need to make sure the children are fed, in bed by a certain time, and make sure they are kept safe. That’s not a ton of work! A younger child will come with different needs than an older child, so that’s always something to keep in mind.

The difficult part of the job is entering the field. You’ll have to build trust with parents and prove to them you can handle the responsibilities of watching their child. This can take a long time, which is completely sensible!

The average hourly rate for a babysitter is $17.73 for one child and $20.30 for two children according to a 2019 study conducted by Urban Sitter. The best part is that some families will pay cash for the services provided.


Gardening is something many older people will need help with, and almost every town could benefit from some TLC. Typically, younger people and middle-aged people will not need help with it, unless they simply don’t want to do it themselves.

It gets harder to do physical labor as you get older (obviously) because it’s hard work, so looking around retirement homes or older neighborhoods will almost definitely lead to some gigs. Someone will be glad to let you save their back, and do the hard work for them.

You don’t have to be a botanist to do the job. Plant seeds, water plants, rake around mulch, and maybe a few other steps are all it takes.

You stand to make $10-$25 per hour when gardening according to Cost Helper.

gardening under the table jobs

Mowing Lawns

Some jobs on this list will have more availability depending on the season. You won’t be cutting grass in the winter! However, the spring and summer are perfect times to be looking for people who need to have their lawns mowed. It’s not hard to see who may need your services. Just look at the length of their grass!

The one drawback is you will need to put your own money into this venture first by purchasing a lawnmower if you don’t already have one. There are two different types of lawnmowers: push mowers and self-propelled mowers. Push mowers can be harder on your back and body, since you are pushing the lawnmower wherever you want to cut. Self-propelled mowers are like mini-cars, and thus are more expensive.

Both job types have their pros and cons, like if you have to cut down on costs or have to mow lawns with steep hills (in which case, push mowers are much safer).

Thumbtack says that mowing can rake in $40-$50 per session. The bigger the yard, the higher the yield.


While babysitting, gardening and lawn mowing are pretty simple tasks, photography requires a certain skill set and an eye for art.

Are you familiar with ISO, F-Stops and shutter speeds? If so, you may have what it takes to get a job as a photographer.

You’ll absolutely need your own camera for this job, and if you are looking into photography gigs, you probably already have a camera and experience. But that doesn’t mean you can’t utilize online video tutorials to help you brush up on your skills.

So many people will want photographers for their events, and rates will range wildly. While sporting events will typically have people employed by larger companies, random little leagues, youth sports and club collegiate teams will have a need for sport photography. Not into sports? There’s so much out there to explore. Birthday parties, weddings, photo shoots. The possibilities are endless.

Rates can go from as little as $25 to hundreds of dollars per hour. It just depends on your skill set and event.

House Painter

Take a paint brush to a Bob Ross painting session, and you’re a happy little artist. Take a brush and a bucket to a house, and you’re a laborer.

Either way, painting is an art. House painting is often overlooked, but just look around your surroundings right now. Each wall, ceiling and crevice has been painted by someone or a company, and if they did it right, you shouldn’t notice any visible mistakes at the edges or streaks in the middle.

If you aren’t afraid of getting yourself messy and taking on large-scale projects, painting is a good money making job for you. Depending on the size of the house and the wants of the owners, you could be spending a full day in specific rooms by yourself painting walls and listening to music. It’s not a fun job for white-collared people, but it’s got a huge market and is a great choice for under-the-table work.

Looking for work as a painter? Try to find a job on craigslist or a local facebook group. Alternatively consider posting that you’re looking for job opportunities and describing your skills. Surely someone is hiring a painter online. Please just beware of scammers looking to help you by making you pay money to assist in job hunting.

Fixr says people pay around $50 per hour on average for a house painter.

Drive People Around

You can find people on Craigslist who are willing to pay for your ride. You’ll also come across personal drivers, quick errands, or lifts for various locations in the area. If you’re not comfortable with this option yet but want some extra cash flow there is always asking family and friends around town too!

Dance Instructor

Like photography, being a dance instructor takes skill. All those lessons from your youth and your technical abilities will be the reason you become a dance teacher!

It’s hard to teach people, even if you are good at what you do. A fantastic math student throughout college may be the laughing stock of their middle school class because they cannot connect with their students well. Interpersonal skills are vital in teaching.

Not only do you need to be a good dancer, but you’ll also need those skills to share what you know. If you have those talents and strengths, the final step is to find either a small studio to hire you and pay under the table or you can start your own small classes!

There are so many variables in being an instructor. What style of dance can you teach? What age group do you want to teach? How many students can you teach at once? Larger group teaching will lead to less value than a one-on-one session. Figure these out, and you’re well on your way.

Pay Scale says the average rate of an instructor teaching dance is $23.06 per hour, but the pay style can change depending on if you are paid per class or not.

dance instructor under the table jobs


Nowadays, journalists need to find more ways than ever to make ends meet. Whether that’s going into media relations, marketing or something else, an everyday writing job is not going to be the only way to make money any more.

But, it is still a way to make money. Another benefit is you can find remote work opportunities in the writing space. If you enjoy writing, this could be a perfect online job for you.

The best part about writing is that it is for everyone, and you get as much out of it as you put in. This means that if you want to be a freelance writer for a sports blog, you can do that! If you want to write about fashion, find a website that will hire you! Enjoy academic writing? Find websites that will pay you to write essays! So many opportunities are out there.

You will need to be a good writer to get hired, so it’s a good idea to ask for critiques for previous pieces to improve. Always listen to people’s improvements, as that’s the quickest way to get better!

Writers can get paid either per word, hour, or article. Beginners and intermediate writers can make up to around 15 cents per word, which adds up!

Graphic Design

Not everyone is talented in art and graphics, but if you’re good with computers and have an artistic vision for your designs then this could be a great side hustle to earn some cash. Many people pay hundreds of dollars just to get their logo designed or printed on t-shirts: imagine what they would spend if someone did it all by themselves!

If you enjoy working from home while being creative at the same time, maybe graphic design work will suit you perfectly as a career path because not only do many companies need help in these areas, but also there are plenty of opportunities online too – such as designing logos for websites or greeting cards which means that anything can become part of your portfolio!

Selling Used Goods

There’s nothing like going through old memories, memorabilia and video games, especially when the realization that you can sell things you don’t care for anymore hits you.

Old autographed hockey pucks that you don’t care for anymore can be sold for upwards of $100. Video game consoles and games you don’t play anymore can grab hauls of $200. Old clothes you don’t wear but are expensive in style can be another person’s treasure.

Sell Your Clutter

Decluttr is the perfect solution if you want to get rid of things but don’t want to spend the time worrying about finding a buyer. Their unique program buys directly from you so you don't have to deal with other buyers.

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After the nostalgia trip and subsequent piling of things you don’t want anymore comes the all-important question of how you can sell these things. There are so many outlets to do this from, from selling on eBay to the Facebook Marketplace to your everyday yard sale. Each outlet will have different challenges and solutions, though: eBay will come with shipping charges and fees, Facebook will come with having to meet someone in a random place, and a yard sale comes with the long time to set up and the lowest yield of the three options.

At the end of the day, it won’t matter how you sell the used merchandise because you won’t be using it anyway. It’s better to make a quick buck than letting old things take up space, right?

The more money you make easily, the better, though!

House Sitting

House sitting may be an easy way to make some cash. Check on the home, water any plants or trees, pick up mail from the mailbox and keep a watchful eye over their residence during trips away for work are things you can do to earn money housesitting.

Walking Dogs

Dog lovers, assemble!

There are tons of dogs who don’t get the exercise they need to live a healthy life. Dogs like fox hounds have an inept desire to hunt and roam, but they may be confined to the house if they have an old owner or one that doesn’t provide what the dog needs.

That’s where you come in.

That pug who is getting too large for its own good? You’ve got them. That bulldog that wants to sleep all the time? They might dislike you at first, but you’re doing a good deed for that old neighbor and the dog. And you’re able to earn extra cash.

Many jobs on this list don’t have a great number of benefits except for honing a specific craft or making money, but getting to hang with dogs and put some miles in your shoes can feel worth it! Don’t forget to give the dogs belly rubs, they love that. And we just can’t resist, either.

Get Paid To Play With Animals

Become a pet sitter or dog walker with Rover and gain access to the nation's largest network of pet parents.

Set your own schedule and prices!

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Websites like Rover are perfect for finding people in your area who need dogs to be walked. Other than that, putting fliers up around your neighborhood’s help, and knowing people who need to have their dogs walked while they are at work helps, too. You can get paid to be a pet sitter, and all you have to do is provide a loving home.

Dog walkers can charge $10-$35 per walk according to Home Guide.

Snow Removal

Remember the days of asking your parents if you could go outside to play in the snow, getting dressed up and then sledding down huge hills?

That was great fun. Now here’s a shovel. Start shoveling.

Okay, you can still have fun in the snow, but you can make money in it as well now. The stronger the winter weather, the more opportunities you will have to make money. Shoveling snow is an activity no one wants to do, and oftentimes people cannot shovel due to lower body pain from bending over to shovel the heavy packs of snow.

While public roads will be taken care of by the municipality you live in, everyone’s driveways are up to how they want to deal with it. House Owners may allow you to use their own shovels, but it’s not a bad idea to purchase one.

The only downside to finding snow removal gigs is you have to time it correctly. If you have no “clients” when the snow comes, you might be out of luck. The best plan might be to talk to people before the snow comes so you have a schedule and to-do list when it finally hits.

First Quarter Finance says snow removing jobs can cost anywhere between $25-$75 per hour. This can change based on the size of the driveway. Keep in mind that finding work removing snow tends to be a more seasonal opportunity.

Selling Crafts

If you have a knack for creativity and know how to put together some good crafts, you could sell these at local garage sales or art shows. You can also use your skills in woodworking, clothing design, jewelry-making or any other craft that interests you.

This option takes a little bit of work, since you have to make everything yourself. However, some people make a living by doing this.


Being a good student in school can pay off even if you aren’t pursuing anything academically in the future. No matter your career (or future career if you are still in school), you can help share your knowledge with people who are struggling.

Typically, parents of middle schoolers or younger children will seek help if they notice their kids’ grades are foundering. They can look to their friends’ older children for help or go on websites such as to find people to assist them in their child’s studies.

Tutoring isn’t only at the younger grade levels. College and high school students will typically seek out tutors on their own if they are serious about righting their academic struggles. For those who can’t stick to a strict schedule this could be one of those jobs that pay under the table when you have the time.

According to TutorMe, expect to charge between $25-$56 per hour depending on your skillset.

House Cleaner

Are you someone who enjoys cleaning your home and finds the chore relaxing? Then you can monetize your efforts for other people.

So many people hate having to clean their house. And if people hate doing it, they need someone else to do it for them. It’s either too time-consuming, not important enough to them, or they are too busy with other things. They will typically post to sites like Indeed with job opportunities for house cleaners to come on a regular basis.

The great thing about being a house cleaner is that if the homeowners like your work, you will come back on a consistent basis, typically twice a month. That’s more consistent money in your pocket.

House cleaners charge anywhere between $25-$50 per hour according to Thumbtack, but that can change greatly if you are paid on a per clean basis.

house cleaner under the table jobs

Grow and Sell Fruits and Vegetables

The spring and summer are great times to follow your passions of becoming a part-time farmer. Not only can this reduce your meal costs, but you can make some nice money too. If you’ve ever driven on a country road, you’ve probably noticed large signs saying that fresh fruits and vegetables are for sale “down the road.” Emphasis on fresh; non-produced fruits and veggies are some of the best-tasting snacks you can have on any given day.

Not only can you sell fresh fruit and veggies, but you can sell fresh juices like orange or grape juice if you have the knowledge and time. After someone gets a taste, they’ll very likely always come back. Going to a normal grocery store will never be the same to them.

Some of the easiest beginner fruits and vegetables to grow are cabbage, zucchini, strawberries and peppers. While this is a time-consuming project, it’s something to be proud of and can lead to sold profits coming in. Another location to consider selling your goods is at a local farmer’s market.

Pet Grooming

If you have experience with animals, pet grooming could be another way to make money under the table. There are many professional services out there that people will prefer going to when handling their pets’ needs such as a bath and nails trimming.
Even if it’s something simple like these tasks, but some may not want to do this themselves so they would gladly pay someone else for it instead of them having spend time on learning how or doing things wrong without proper training in the process.

Become a Personal Assistant

Not everyone will need or want a personal assistant, but those that do can pay up to $35 per hour. You may be asked to run errands and organize someone’s home – something many find tedious and time-consuming. However, if you’re okay with doing random jobs for cash under the table then this is an excellent way to earn some extra money!

Making Baked Goods

If you have a knack for baking, there is money to be made by selling your creations. You can make cash from people directly or through bake sales and advertisements. People love themed cakes so if you are good at the creative side this could become a full-time business opportunity!

Boost Your Income with Under the Table Jobs

Getting an extra income boost is a rewarding experience that can be an alternative to getting a title loan with no job or proof of income. It can also lead to making more connections throughout the working world. Not only are you able to earn cash, but you’re making an impact in other people’s lives. If you’re an introvert consider jobs where you work alone, rather than one that involves lots of interaction with others.

Just to note, while making money under the table is not illegal, you are supposed to mark it as income on your taxes. While it may not matter underneath a certain amount, having $10,000 or more in your bank without a trace of where it came from could look suspicious. Be smart with how much you work under the table!

There are so many other options to make under the table money, like being a trade worker or a personal assistant. As long as you are happy with your work and pay, anything will be good to do!

Happy findings!

Let us know in the comments what under the table work you’ve done, whether as a kid or adult!


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My husband lost his job last month so he's been trying jobs like these and isn't making enough money. Thank you for helping my family find more opportunities!