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The 23 Best Self Employed Jobs To Be Your Own Boss

The 23 Best Self Employed Jobs To Be Your Own Boss
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The FIRE movement has been heating up with more people desiring to be financially independent. Many people invest in the stock market with a target number in mind to reach their “freedom.” However, others claimed their independence earlier by working the best self employed jobs.

You won’t need to roll out of bed anymore to take a decent shower. Or, sit in rush hour traffic to “clock-in” on time. Being self-employed means you’re the boss! You choose what you want to do and when you want to do it. 

Did I get your attention? Good! 

Here are the 23 best self employed jobs you can do to achieve your independence.

The 23 Best Self Employed Jobs

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1. Freelance Writer

If you have a knack for writing and can convey your personality in words, freelance writing may be a career for you. When everything seems to be transitioning to video, there is still a need for writers. You can offer your services to marketing companies and news outlets that need writers to inform their audiences. 

One of the benefits of being a freelance writer is the ability to work anywhere! You can be lounging on the beach writing about meme stock, or you can be toasty in bed writing about the top ways to get kids to listen.

2. Virtual Assistant

Small business owners are always looking to scale their businesses. Unfortunately, that task is challenging for them to do on their own. This dilemma is where virtual assistants can provide great value.

A virtual assistant can be working anywhere and have many job opportunities. Their duties vary depending on the need. For example, a blogger can hire a virtual assistant to create Pinterest pins while the blogger focuses on making content for their site or social media platforms. Or, landlords can hire a virtual assistant to attend to tenant phone calls while working on flipping new properties. The endless possibilities make this one of the best self employed jobs.

3. Real Estate Agent

Although a real estate agent has to work under a brokerage, an agent actually operates as a small business. They only get paid a commission when they sell a house. Therefore, their success in this field is directly related to an agent’s effort. If you are good at marketing and have a talent for sales, real estate may be perfect for you.

4. Academic Tutor

Parents always want their children to excel in school. However, sometimes parents need assistance for their kids to do well in their studies. If you have good academic knowledge of a particular subject, you can tutor the youth. Also, college students seek help to improve their grades, especially when trying into a post-graduate program, such as preparing for medical school.

5. Ride-Sharing Driver

As long as you own a car and a cell phone, you qualify as a ride-sharing driver. With Lyft and Uber’s help, people can simply find a ride through one of their apps. This job can be very lucrative in metropolitan cities or areas with dense populations by getting paid to drive people around.

6. Hairstylist

No one likes a bad hair day, but everyone wants a great hair day! A hairstylist can choose to work for franchise hair salons. However, if you are skilled with scissors and know how to keep up with the current trend, being an independent hairstylist may be for you. The greater your specialty, along with great reviews from your client base, you can charge a premium for your services.

7. Makeup Artist

Are you wondering how those movie stars are always looking so beautiful on the big screen? Let’s give some credit to the makeup artist. Moreover, makeup artists also help with practical special effects avoiding using computer-generated imagery (CGI). If you have experience with cosmetology, your name may find a place in the movie credits.

8. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are the artist that use software to create graphics for websites or digital materials, such as business cards or posters. If you’re a tech-savvy with an eye for design, this career tops the list of best self employed jobs.

best self employed jobs

9. Photographer

From wedding occasions to seasonal family pictures, there will always be a need for photographers. However, this self-employed job is more than just having a camera and taking pictures. Professional photographers also know how to use photo editing software to take their photos to the next level.

10. Personal Trainer

The most common new year’s resolution is losing weight—those who are serious about maintaining this goal look to hire personal trainers. Being a personal trainer is more than lifting weights. Trainers also provide diet recommendations to help their clients succeed.

11. Pet Sitter

Many people often refer to dogs as man’s best friend. However, those best friends need someone to walk and feed them from time to time. If you have a love for animals, several people would love for you to sit and stay.

12. Nanny

Some parents need assistance taking care of their kids while they are working their 9 to 5. A trusted child caretaker is gold to parents! Depending on any additional services you can provide, such as teaching a new language, your hourly rate can go up. If they have more than one kid, the price can go up. With several quality recommendations under your belt, you’ll have a long line of parents wanting your help.

13. Life Coach

Life coaches help people improve different parts of their life whether that’s marriage, finances, or career coaching. Life coaches are not necessarily therapists. Instead, therapists have to adhere to specific ethical codes and must be licensed. As for a life coach, you may need to build up your reputation and resume by doing a lot of outreach helping people in your community before making it a full profession.

14. Property Manager

Some real investors prefer to invest in real estate passively. For this reason, property managers take on the headache of managing tenants. Managers usually take a percentage of the monthly rent, which ranges from 6% to 10%. The more properties collected, the bigger the payout. Hence, if you can determine fair market rents and are willing to take tenant phone calls, add property managers to the list of your self-employed jobs.

15. Programmer

Major tech companies are always looking to hire programmers. These tech companies save a lot of money by hiring contractors because they do not provide benefits, such as health insurance or a 401k account. However, if you’re starting, make sure you can work on several open-source projects to build up your resume.

16. Blogger

Bloggers can earn a living through their blog via ad networks, affiliate marketing, and sponsorships. You just need to produce quality content that people want to read. Making money through blogging will not happen immediately. However, once you get over the hump, the possibilities are endless, making this one of the best self employed jobs.

17. Transcriber

Whether someone speaks on a video or writes notes on paper, people hire transcribers to capture what was said or scribbled into clear written form. Their duties include converting speeches to video captions or official documents.

18. Landscaper

Everyone wants excellent curb appeal. However, landscaping is not just about mowing lawns and watering the grass. Homeowners to commercial property owners will pay a high price to have the perfect exterior. Therefore, if you don’t mind working outside, then give it a green thumbs up. 

19. Plumber

Have you heard the phrase, “I don’t want to fix toilets?” Plumbers can do much more than fix toilets and charge a premium for doing so. If you don’t mind getting your hands wet, you can find yourself swimming in money.

20. Painter

Although people can technically paint their homes themselves, homeowners can save time and frustration by hiring a painter. There will be one-time start-up expenses to purchase all the equipment. Afterward, there is a line of property owners wanting a fresh coat of paint.

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21. Actor

The entertainment industry is a competitive market. You’ll have to hire an agent to help book auditions. You’ll also have to take acting lessons to improve your craft. If you don’t mind working small gigs to work your way up, then Hollywood may be in your stars.

22. Personal Shopper

Companies like Amazon and Target already provide free delivery to people’s houses. However, some items require more personal service. Personal shoppers can be grocery delivery shoppers or department-store shoppers. You go to local stores, communicate with buyers, and deliver goods to the front door. If you can adequately manage your shopping schedule, you can get the thrill of shopping without having to spend a dime.

23. Interior Designer

With more people staying home, people are looking to make their house feel more like home. As an interior designer, you can make that happen. You will need to be up to date with current trends and create designs that match your client’s personality.

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Best Self Employed Jobs: Which One Is for You?

There are several self-employment opportunities for anyone to become self-employed. One of the best benefits of these work opportunities is controlling who you want to work with. Indeed, your success and how you make money will solely depend on your drive and hustle. Moreover, you can proudly say you’re your boss!

So, which one of these best self employed jobs is best for you?

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