success is the best revenge

6 Reasons Why Success is the Best Revenge

“Treat others as you want to be treated.”  We’ve all heard that before. But, what does one do when others don’t follow the same golden rule? If you’re expecting the “Top 5 Ways To Get Revenge”, you’ll sadly be disappointed. 

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generational wealth

Generational Wealth: 7 Ways To Build A Money Legacy

Everyone has similar financial goals – save for emergencies and retirement, but what about beyond that? If you haven’t thought about what you’ll leave behind for your children and even their children, it’s time. When you talk about true wealth

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best investments

What Are The Best Investments Right Now?

Everyone wants to find the best investments. That’s a natural thing to want. However, it isn’t that simple. Are we looking for the best investments for the long term? The best investments right now or for the next couple of

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webull review

Webull Review: An Inside Look at Free Investing

Investing is a tricky subject. You can invest passively, actively, or a combination of both. And everyone has an opinion on which is the best. This is why the developers of Webull created an active online trading interface with lower

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VT vs VTI: Which Is Right For You?

When anyone looks into purchasing stocks or investing, people sometimes overlook index funds and lean towards heavy-hitting, high-risk, high-rewards individual stock picking. While those can be a great way to make large amounts of money over time for your portfolio,

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VTSAX vs. VTI: What’s the Real Difference?

Maybe you are looking to diversify your investment portfolio, or perhaps you are a new investor looking to make an initial investment. We strongly believe that you should consider investing in low cost mutual funds or ETFs. Both VTSAX (Vanguard Mutual Fund)

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An Introvert’s Reflection on FinCon 2019

From the epic rap battle at the Plutus Awards to the lightbulbs going off in my head at the sessions, I’ll always remember our first FinCon. Even despite the Washington D.C. traffic. When we decided to purchase tickets, I was

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why behind

The WHY Behind How To FIRE (Get To Know Us)

Have you noticed that people don’t really talk about finances, i.e. unless they are complaining about them? Maybe it’s something you’ve silently been observing over the years, maybe it’s something you’ve been actively shushed about in polite conversations. Either way,

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quit my job

I Quit My Job And We’re Going To Be OK

There’s one thing that’s going to take a while to get out of my head. Beep. Me robotically: “Thank you for calling….” Multiply that by about 60 additional calls back to back all day, Monday to Friday. That’s enough beeping

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invest in yourself

10 Ways to Invest in Yourself

Have you thought about what investing in yourself means? Day in and day out we run ourselves ragged investing in those around us, and we so rarely stop to think about filling our own cup. Taking steps to set yourself

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student loan debt crisis

How to Avoid the Student Loan Debt Crisis

Student debt in America is at a record-setting high, hampering most post-educational dreams of independence and prosperity. The crippling debt staring down at borrowers, a memento mori. It’s no secret that student loan debt is a burden for most people

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Playing with FIRE

Playing with FIRE: Must Read Book Review

Summary of the Book Scott Rieckens discovered the FIRE movement at age 33 while listening to Mr. Money Mustache’s interview on the Tim Ferriss show in February of 2017. Five months after listening to this episode, he quit his job. He

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