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affirmations for self love

114 Powerful Affirmations for Self Love

If you don’t love yourself, how can anyone else love you? When you love yourself, you have higher self-esteem, carry yourself better, and are just a better version of yourself, making it easier for others to like you. The best

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stacking money

Stacking Money: 23 Ways to Save Big

Are you looking to save more money this year? If so, you’re not alone. But if you’re like most people, you may find it challenging to stick to it. After all, it’s not always easy to save money. So read

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rich vs poor

Rich vs Poor: 10 Habits of the Rich

When it comes to rich vs poor, there are a lot of common misconceptions and stereotypes. In reality, every person is different, and there are many factors at play when evaluating one’s level of wealth. However, there are some general

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lean fire

How Does Lean FIRE Work?

Lean FIRE (financial independence retire early) is a term used to describe the concept of financial independence on a budget. There are a few different ways to approach Lean FIRE, but the basic idea is to live as frugally with

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fu money

FU Money: What It Is and How Much to Save

What does FU mean in terms of money and savings? FU money (aka f*ck you money) is a term that best-selling author Dan Lok popularized. It refers to having enough wealth and financial independence that you no longer have to

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wealth vs income

Wealth vs Income: What is the Difference?

What’s the difference between income and wealth? Let me ask you a question. Do you think people are wealthy based on their income? If so, then all doctors and lawyers should be among the wealthiest as most are high income earners,

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barista fire

What Is Barista FIRE?

The cost of living has been rising steadily for decades, but unfortunately, wages have largely remained stagnant. Combined with a difficult labor market, these factors have led many individuals to seek a way out. Enter the financial independence retire early

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fat fire

Fat FIRE: Living Large in Retirement

The idea of financial independence retire early (FIRE) has gained tremendous steam over the past few years. FIRE is a movement where people seek to save money, invest, and grow their wealth so that they can retire much earlier than

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rich vs wealthy

Rich vs Wealthy: Is There a Difference?

It’s not easy to tell the difference between rich and wealthy. Sometimes we use these words interchangeably, but they aren’t always the same. It depends on the individual’s circumstances. So what is the wealthy and rich definition, and how do

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fire lifestyle

Pros and Cons Of Living the FIRE Lifestyle

What is FIRE? The FIRE financial independence retire early movement has steadily gained steam since conception in the early 1990s. The crux of the movement is people saving and investing a significant portion of their income, allowing them to leave

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financial success

12 Steps to Achieve Financial Success

Financial success is an important matter that people relate to differently depending on their unique values and personalities. For some, it could mean having enough money to retire early. For others, it could mean being self-employed or achieving a high

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money changes people

Money Changes People: Here’s How and Why

Money changes people, and it’s not always for the better. Wealthy people struggle more than most realize, and this struggle is often seen regardless of how much money you have. Whether you were born wealthy, a self-made millionaire, a high-income

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how to fi

How to FI: Reaching Financial Independence

To reach financially independent (FI) is to not have any need of financial assistance from anyone else. Ideally you’ll be able to support yourself, any dependents, and still have enough money left over for emergencies. Achieving FI does not necessarily

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best wall street movies

20 Best Wall Street Movies of All Time

The financial world is full of crazy true stories, especially on Wall Street. The best wall street movies are often Hollywood hits because the glitz and glamour along with greed make for great scripts. These movies about wall street can

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personal capital review

Personal Capital Review: The Best Wealth Tracker

You might know Personal Capital as the net worth and budgeting tracking tool comparable to Mint, but it’s so much more! Personal Capital serves as both a money tracking app and a hybrid wealth management service, offering both free tools

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independently wealthy

Is It Possible to Become Independently Wealthy?

Independently wealthy doesn’t mean rich, but millions of people have achieved independent wealth. You probably wouldn’t even know it. Most people look like you and me, average people living their lives and making the most of what they have. The

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best personal finance books

26 Best Personal Finance Books That You Must Read

If you’re trying to improve your financial wellbeing, you must read the best personal finance books available today. In our list are a few long standing favorites as well as some motivational newcomers that have changed the way we all

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success is the best revenge

6 Reasons Why Success is the Best Revenge

“Treat others as you want to be treated.”  We’ve all heard that before. But, what does one do when others don’t follow the same golden rule? If you’re expecting the “Top 5 Ways To Get Revenge”, you’ll sadly be disappointed. 

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generational wealth

Generational Wealth: 7 Ways To Build A Money Legacy

Everyone has similar financial goals – save for emergencies and retirement, but what about beyond that? If you haven’t thought about what you’ll leave behind for your children and even their children, it’s time. When you talk about true wealth

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vt vs vti

VT vs VTI: Which Is Right For You?

When anyone looks into purchasing stocks or investing, people sometimes overlook index funds and lean towards heavy-hitting, high-risk, high-rewards individual stock picking. While those can be a great way to make large amounts of money over time for your portfolio,

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i quit my job and were going to be ok

I Quit My Job And We’re Going To Be OK

There’s one thing that’s going to take a while to get out of my head. Beep. Me robotically: “Thank you for calling….” Multiply that by about 60 additional calls back to back all day, Monday to Friday. That’s enough beeping

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