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Money Mantras: Improve Your Outlook and Your Finances

Money Mantras: Improve Your Outlook and Your Finances
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What if you could change your mindset and solve your financial issues? It might not be that easy, but your mindset has a lot to do with how you handle your finances. Money mantras can be a great way to attract money, become financially secure, and achieve your dreams.

It may sound a little ‘crazy,’ but we’ll break it down, so it makes sense and seems realistic.

What Are Money Mantras

First, let’s look at the mantra definition.

A mantra is something you repeatedly say in meditation or just in the ordinary course of your day. The hope is that by chanting the positive money affirmations, you’ll have an abundance mindset and be able to manifest the money you want.

Think of money mantras as your way of empowering yourself to reach your financial goals and to have enough money. It’s not enough to have goals – you have to try to reach them.

When life gets busy or worse yet tough, it’s easy to let go of those goals and get into a negative mindset.

When you have manifestation mantras going through your mind all the time, though, you’re more likely to stick with it and improve your financial life, reaching your financial goals.

Benefits of Having a Money Mantra

Having money affirmations creates many benefits including:

  • You’ll have fewer negative thoughts and have more positive feelings
  • You’ll feel in control of your finances instead of the other way around
  • You may build good financial habits
  • You can work your way up to financial abundance
  • It may be easier to focus on your financial goals and not get caught up in other struggles
  • You’ll feel better about yourself and what you can achieve

Examples of Money Mantras

Everyone has different mantras for money that make them feel warm and fuzzy, but here are some great examples of money affirmations to get you started.

  • I can save money

Many of us have limiting beliefs about what we can do. If you live paycheck-to-paycheck, for example, you probably tell yourself you can’t possibly save. The truth is that you can; you just have to find a way. Constantly telling yourself, ‘I can save money’ is the first step to achieving that goal.

  • Money flows to me freely.

How often do you tell yourself you have no money or that everyone around you seems like a money magnet, yet you never have enough? What if you flipped that saying around and said, ‘money flows freely to me’? What might happen? Suddenly, you get rid of that scarcity mindset and open yourself up to more possibilities.

  • I deserve good fortune.

Your money story starts in your childhood. If you grew up in a house where funds were scarce, you might feel that’s all you deserve. Instead, tell yourself that you deserve good fortune and watch how your mindset changes, and look for the good in things and the possibilities to manifest money.

  • I can get out of debt easily.

If you’re drowning in debt, it’s easy to have negative thoughts about money. You likely feel like you’ll never get out of debt. If you tell yourself you won’t get out of debt, that’s the self-fulfilling prophecy you’re setting up for yourself. Instead, tell yourself you can get out of debt and use your mantras for money to make it happen.

  • I spend money wisely and make smart financial choices

What you tell yourself each time you spend money affects your finances. If you feel bad or regret every penny you spend, money won’t come easy to you. Instead, you tell yourself you spend money wisely, think about your financial decisions, and attract wealth, you’ll have more money and won’t feel buyer’s remorse.

Which Mantra Is Powerful for Money?

Any money mantra that you use consistently and believe in is the most powerful mantra for money for you. What matters most is that you are quiet, take a deep breath, and focus on yourself and what you want.

But, the most popular and powerful money mantras are those that bless the goddess Lakshmi, the deity of money and fortune. Thus, the most powerful mantra for money is ‘Goddess Lakshmi bless me with prosperity and wealth.’

Whether you use this mantra for money or you create your own, any mantra will help change your beliefs about money.

How to Use the Money Mantras

It’s important to understand money mantras aren’t a dream or a wish. Instead, they are a way to help change your mindset and beliefs about your ability to have financial abundance. Think of them as a way to ‘trick your brain’ into positive thoughts and feelings.

If you haven’t noticed, your brain is your largest bully. It can tell you that you don’t have enough money, you aren’t capable of making more money, or that you aren’t a money magnet.

Constantly saying money affirmations to yourself or even out loud in your car or the shower are the best ways to get your mind to not only say them but believe in them so that your dreams do come true.

How to Create a Money Mantra

Everyone has their own money mantra or mantras that work for them. Knowing how to create a money mantra is the key to success.

To create your mantras, you must do some soul searching. You’ll need to dig deep and understand your beliefs about money, your current habits, and your financial goals, so you have enough money.

Are Your Money Mantras Helping You Reach Your Goals?

Money mantras aren’t a one-size-fits-all approach. They also aren’t a one-and-done task either. As you create manifesting mantras, assess how they work for you. Set timelines to check in with yourself and see how far you’ve come to reaching your goals.

If they aren’t helping, there’s no shame in finding other mantras affirmations for money to see if they work better.

Essential Steps to Make Money Mantras Work for You

Identify Your Money Story: Where Do You Want to Focus

Think about your money story or your money beliefs. Where do you stand on the topic right now? Next, think about what you want to change about your story and where you want to focus.

This step may take a little while as many money stories are deep-seeded from childhood or early adulthood. Ask yourself whether you have a scarcity mindset or an abundance mindset.

If you have a scarcity mindset, you think money is limited, and you’ll never have enough. But, if you have an abundance mindset, you think money constantly flows, and there’s more than enough to go around.

Sit with your thoughts for a while or even journal them. See what memories surface about money and how they make you feel. These feelings create the foundation of your money story and point to where you may need to change.

Identify What You Want to Improve Most

Prioritize the beliefs you want to change the most. You won’t neglect the other thoughts, but take it one step at a time.

Choose one or two areas to improve first and give yourself a timeline. Check-in with yourself and assess how it’s going. Are changes necessary, or is everything going great? Remember, your manifesting mantras and achieving dreams takes time.

Take Action to Create Good Habits

Find ways to motivate yourself to take action. Money mantras themselves help change your beliefs, but then you have to put in the work to create good habits.

Make a list of the actions you want to take and prioritize them. For example, if you have a lot of credit card debt, you may want to prioritize paying it off.

Taking those baby steps, make one change at a time. You’ll likely find that you have a domino effect once you make one or two changes, the rest will fall into place if you keep your affirmations for money going.

Reframe Your Negative Mindset About Money Towards Abundance

No matter what your story is, everyone must focus on financial abundance. If you have a negative mindset, you’ll only achieve negative things. But, if you have positive thoughts and money goals, you’ll reach financial abundance.

Changing your beliefs doesn’t happen overnight. Instead, it takes regular use of your favorite money mantra to reshape your beliefs and turn them into life-changing actions.

Find Opportunities to Improve Your Money Affirmations

Make sure you’re checking in with yourself periodically. Ask yourself how your money mantras are helping or not helping.

If you haven’t realized the goals you thought you would at this point, consider trying new ways to manifest more. Maybe the mantras you chose aren’t working for you because you don’t believe them deep down.

If you can’t figure out where you’re going wrong, start over, rewriting your money story, and see what comes up. You might be surprised at the feelings that resurface, allowing you to improve your current mantras.

Acknowledge Your Wins

Just like any goal in life, you must recognize your wins, big or small. Set timelines and check-in with yourself. How many baby steps have you taken, and what wins did you realize?

Celebrate them, brag about them, and put reminders all over your house about them. These ‘little’ wins will keep you going so you can reach your larger goals.

Perfection Should Not Be Expected

Nothing in life is perfect. Otherwise, it would be boring! Expect setbacks and embrace them. Use them as an opportunity to re-evaluate your situation. What is going great and not so great? Should you make any changes?

Don’t assume a mistake or setback is bad or that you’re back at square one. Instead, use it as a lesson, just like any mistake. How can you use what you learned to improve yourself moving forward?

Surround Yourself With Support

You’re only as good as the people you have around you. If you have naysayers constantly in your ears telling you that you won’t achieve your dreams – you won’t.

Instead, surround yourself with supportive people with similar mindsets or goals that will help you along the way and even push you to do better.

The Bottom Line

Money mantras are a powerful way to change the way you think about your finances. When you change how you think about it, you’ll naturally change how you handle it.

Your mantras for money won’t change your life overnight, but they can make a difference in your life with dedication and practice.