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Unlock Freedom and Flexibility with FIRE

The Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) movement is a group of people set out to break from societal norms and grab their life (and money) by the reins. We're here to help you along the way because FIRE is for everyone.

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Hey there! We're Sam & John.

We’re 20 something personal finance nerds who paid off over $60,000 in debt and reached CoastFI by 25!

Personal finance seems hard at first. That’s why we make it easy.

We help you discover your own version of financial independence retire early (FIRE) through budgeting, saving, investing, side hustles and travel hacking!

Let’s design the life you want!


12 chapters, printables, and more!

This is everything you need to launch a journey to financial independence – all in one place.

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Money Saving Tools

All of our top recommendations to assist on your financial independence, retire early journey.



Visit our shop to find printables to assist on your FIRE journey. We also have fun apparel for the money nerds like us who can't help but be excited about FIRE.


FIRE Calculators

Figure out what your FI number is with one of our easy to use FIRE calculators.

Prepare For Your Financial Independence Journey Now!

Save Money

Save More Money

We'll provide money saving tips and tricks to help you stash away more cash for the things that matter most.

Make Money

Make More Money

We'll help you discover the best ways to start a side hustle and earn passive income. It could even turn into your full-time job.

Manage Money

Learn How to Manage Money

We'll give you the tools and resources you need to manage your money like a pro.

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