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Can You DoorDash on a Bike?

Can You DoorDash on a Bike?
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If you don’t have a car, you probably assume DoorDash isn’t an option to make more money. But what if it was?

We have good news: if you’ve ever wondered, can you DoorDash on a bike?

You can!

Of course, like any gig economy app, there are downsides. We cover everything you should consider before becoming a DoorDash bike courier.

Can You DoorDash on a Bike?

doordash bicycle

If you live in an area where riding a bike for food delivery services is feasible, you can maintain good delivery times. This allows you to maximize the number of orders you take per hour, especially during peak delivery hours. DoorDash on a bike can be just as good as a car, if not better.

In some cities, you can DoorDash on a bike. So, if you don’t have a car or just prefer riding your bike, you may be able to make extra money delivering food for DoorDash. Of course, like DoorDash delivery by car, there are factors to consider.

Overview of Bike-Based Delivery

Bike-based delivery drivers make money the same way car-based delivery drivers do.

You deliver food from restaurants to customers. DoorDash pays a delivery fee, and customers can leave you a tip. Like drivers, bikers receive 100% of customer tips.

DoorDash bicycle delivery drivers are independent contractors, not employees. You are responsible for your expenses and taxes. But you can choose your own hours, working as much or as little as you want.

DoorDash biking usually makes the most sense in urban areas. In these areas, you’ll find crowded streets, plenty of restaurants, and traffic conditions that can make car deliveries less efficient.

Unfortunately, bike delivery isn’t available in every area since it doesn’t make sense in rural or suburban areas where restaurants and residences are more spread out.

Is It Better To Deliver in a Car or Bike?

Determining if a DoorDash bike or car delivery is better depends on many factors. There are many benefits of DoorDash bike delivery that we’ll cover below.

But, as we said, car food delivery services are much more efficient in some situations, such as rural areas, bad weather, or large orders.

What Cities Allow Dashing on a Bike?

DoorDash doesn’t have an active list of the cities they allow DoorDash bicycle deliveries. If you’re interested in delivering for DoorDash, you should complete an application and check the box for bike delivery if available.

How Does DoorDash on a Bike Work?

You deliver with a bike on Doordash, much like you deliver DoorDash with a car. You turn the app on, make yourself available, and hang out near the area you want to get orders.

When you accept an order, you head to the restaurant to pick it up. You then deliver the order to the customer. If you provide excellent customer service, the customer may tip you.

DoorDash also pays a flat fee for the delivery. You can wait until your weekly payday to receive payment or cash out instantly for a small fee.

Requirements for DoorDashing on a Bike

The requirements for DoorDash bike delivery are simple, much like DoorDash‘s car requirements. They care more about the person delivering, ensuring you pass a background check and can handle the job.

Bike Specifications

DoorDash doesn’t have specific requirements for bikes. A mountain bike, hybrid bike, electric bike, or road bike are all acceptable.

A safe, working bike that you can use for bike deliveries is all DoorDash cares about. If you accept a DoorDash bike delivery, you must be able to deliver it.

Safety Gear

DoorDash recommends bikers wear safety gear, like a helmet, reflective gear, and proper clothing for the weather, such as cold or rain. They also recommend having a bike lock to lock your bike so it cannot be stolen.

Follow the Law

Like delivery drivers using a car, DoorDash requires bike riders to obey the law. Use bike lanes whenever possible, and obey all traffic signals and stop signs.

Benefits of DoorDashing on a Bike

You might wonder if DoorDash on bikes is worth it or if there are any benefits. Here are the top ways you can benefit.

Eco-Friendly Option

Bikes don’t have the same carbon footprint as cars, allowing you to do your part to help the environment. While you benefit from not worrying about traffic, you’re putting less pollution in the area, choosing to ride a bike versus driving.

Efficient Navigation

Bike riders have more opportunities to take shortcuts to make deliveries. This can be a great option when traffic is bad, and it ensures higher levels of customer service.

You may complete more deliveries in a shorter time because you can get to and from the local restaurants faster.

Health and Fitness

Riding a bike provides much more exercise than sitting in a car in traffic. Even if you only take orders within a short distance, you exercise every time you take a delivery.

Cost Savings

The cost savings of DoorDash on a bicycle is tremendous. You avoid gas, tolls, parking, and car maintenance. You also don’t need auto insurance or to worry about expensive and unexpected issues occurring.

Parking Advantage

Parking in urban areas can be tough, forcing DoorDash drivers to show up later than anticipated with the delivery. Bike delivery doesn’t require a special parking lot.

If you can find a tree or pole nearby to lock your bike, you are ready to deliver the order and take more deliveries.

Challenges of DoorDashing on a Bike

When working as a DoorDash bike courier, there are downsides to consider. While you can save money, get healthy, and possibly make more deliveries, the downsides may outweigh the benefits.

Weather Conditions

Riding a bike means you’re in the weather elements, including cold and rain. It’s hard to keep food fresh in a thunderstorm, let alone get to your destination safely.

Delivery Distance

Bike delivery workers are limited in the distance they can go. This may work in your favor when delivering for DoorDash because you can complete more orders when you don’t travel far.

Food Handling

Handling food while riding a bike can be challenging. You’ll need a spot on your bike to hold your hot bag that keeps the food fresh and safe while you travel to its destination. You can’t take large orders because riding your bike and handling the food can be too difficult.

Physical Fatigue

It’s much more tiring to do bike deliveries than car deliveries. You’re physically exhausting yourself with each delivery, which may limit the number of orders you can take.

How Much Can You Make With DoorDash on a Bike?

Like standard DoorDash delivery, how much you make with DoorDash bike delivery depends on many factors. These factors include if you’re delivering during peak pay, how many hours you work, the number of deliveries you take, and how well customers tip.

Tips for DoorDash Bikers

Here are the top tips to consider if you’re considering the DoorDash delivery app for DoorDash bike deliveries.

Plan Efficient Routes

When you DoorDash with a bicycle, you must plan efficient routes, just like with a car. The less time you spend traveling, the more time you can spend taking more orders.

As a biker, you can take shortcuts in alleys and bike lanes that cars cannot do, allowing you to take more bike deliveries.

Packaging Expertise

Pack your orders as compact as possible to make traveling to your customers easier.

The less bulkiness you have on your bike, the easier you can maneuver through the city streets. Don’t rely on the restaurant to pack the order for you; repack it in your hot bag for optimal traveling.

Time Management

Taking DoorDash orders means having good time management. You must be able to deliver the orders as quickly as possible and with the best customer service.

Don’t take orders you can’t fulfill, especially longer-distance deliveries. Plan your routes and know the feasible areas for you to provide great customer service, delivering orders on time.

Maintaining Your Bike

Keep your bike in great shape, maintaining it daily. Ensure the tires are inflated, the gears work properly, and nothing feels funny before riding the bike.

Keep the bike clean like you would a car, and all moving parts are properly lubricated.

How Does the DoorDash App Work for Biking?

can you doordash on a bike

The DoorDash app works the same for biking as it does for car delivery drivers.

The only difference is you must check that you are biking, not driving, so you’re only provided orders within a short distance that you can handle on a bike.

Like standard deliveries, you accept or decline orders. If you accept them, you go to the restaurant, pick up the order, and deliver it via bike to the customer.

What if There Is No “Bike” Option?

Not all cities allow DoorDash bike delivery. You’ll know if your area allows it when you sign up. If it’s not an option, it’s usually because the area is too spread out to make it feasible for bikers to handle deliveries.

Real-Life Insights from Bike Couriers

Bike couriers seem to like DoorDash bike delivery. On Glassdoor, bike couriers say they enjoy the exercise and getting to know their city from a different perspective.

They also like that you can set your own hours, but complain that the radius of deliveries is much smaller, keeping their earnings lower than they’d like.


How Do I Sign Up To Become a DoorDash Biker?

To get a DoorDash bike delivery position, download the DoorDash app and sign up for an account.

When it asks how you would like to deliver, select bike if it’s an option in your area. You must then pass a background check and can begin making deliveries.

Do You Need a License to DoorDash on a Bike?

You don’t need a driver’s license to do DoorDash bike delivery. However, you must be able to prove your identity with a government-issued ID, such as a passport or state ID.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Do DoorDash on a Bike?

You must be at least 18 years old to DoorDash on a bike.

Can I Choose My Own Delivery Hours as a Bike Courier?

Yes, like all DoorDash delivery drivers, you can choose your own hours as a bike courier. This allows you to work when demand is highest, or the weather is the nicest.

What Kind of Bike Do I Need for DoorDash Deliveries?

You can use any type of bike for DoorDash deliveries. Some popular options include electric bikes and mountain bikes. But you can use any type of bike that allows you to deliver food quickly.

Can I Switch Between Biking and Other Modes of Transportation for DoorDash?

Yes, when you log into the app to set yourself as available, you choose your delivery method for that shift, and you’ll receive orders accordingly.

Can Someone Ride With Me While Driving For DoorDash?

Technically, you can have someone in your car when you drive for DoorDash. However, if that person helps with the delivery, even carrying it to the door, they must also be an approved Dasher.

What Promotions Can You Make as a DoorDash Biker?

DoorDash runs promotional bonuses often to help couriers make more money. The promotions change by location and demand, so always check the app to see if promotions are available.

The Bottom Line

If you ever wondered, “Can you DoorDash on a bike,” you can! The question is, do you want to, and does it make sense for your area?

It offers another avenue to make money; you may even make more if you live in a bustling urban area. But it has its downsides, so weigh the pros and cons carefully when choosing.