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114 Powerful Affirmations for Self Love

114 Powerful Affirmations for Self Love
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If you don’t love yourself, how can anyone else love you? When you love yourself, you have higher self-esteem, carry yourself better, and are just a better version of yourself, making it easier for others to like you.

The best way to improve your sense of self-love is to use affirmations for self-love. It may sound cheesy or over the top, but regular practice with positive affirmations can help you love yourself more.

What Are Affirmations for Self Love?

Affirmations for self-love are positive words you say to yourself repeatedly. Think of them like a mantra. The more you practice affirmations and repeat these positive words, the more your body and mind come to believe them.

When you repeat positive self-love affirmations or self-love quotes, you stop the negative self-talk and limiting beliefs that hold you back. Have you ever heard that you live up to what you expect of yourself?

If you’re putting ‘bad vibes’ out there, that’s all that you’ll get back. People will treat you the way you treat yourself. If you’re ready to have a loving relationship with yourself, it’s time to practice self-love.

What Does Self Love Mean?

Self-love means that you look out for yourself. You care about your well-being and happiness. You want a happy life, and you want to put an end to the negative thoughts. When you love yourself, you love who you are from the inside out.

When you love yourself, you have self-acceptance, feel that you deserve happiness, and even love your body inside and out.

Self-love does NOT mean being selfish or that you don’t care about others. Instead, it gives you the permission or opportunity to put yourself first and to have a positive relationship with yourself.

Importance of Self Love 

Self-love helps you make healthier choices in life. When you’re happy with who you are, you trust yourself to make good decisions, and you don’t choose anything that will harm you. When you’re proud of yourself, you’re more likely to choose things that nurture and enrich you versus harm or hold you back.

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How to Use Affirmations for Self Love to Transform Your Life

To implement self-love affirmations into your life, you must know how to use them. At first, it may feel weird or silly, but it will get easier and become more natural with practice.

Here are five ways to make practicing self-love natural for you.

Say Them Out Loud

It might feel strange at first to say these positive affirmations aloud, but it’s the best way to get your body and mind to absorb them. You can do it when you’re alone, either in the shower, car, or getting ready for the day.

If you want a more serene environment, you can meditate on them, saying them out loud repeatedly while you focus on the breath, breathing in positive thoughts and breathing out any negative thinking.
The more often you say the love affirmations out loud, the more natural it will be.

Write Your Affirmations Out on Paper

If you aren’t comfortable saying your self-love affirmations out loud yet, write them down on paper. If you journal, make them a part of your journaling practice, writing them down morning and night so they become a natural thought for you.

You can also write them out on sticky notes and put them in places you’ll see them, like the bathroom mirror, kitchen, counter, or refrigerator. Then, when you see the positive affirmations, say them either out loud or in your head.

Silently Say These Positive Quotes to Yourself

Even saying the self-love affirmations to yourself silently can help you transform how you think about yourself. First, tell yourself throughout the workday to keep yourself grounded. Then, repeat them when you’re driving home, and the negative beliefs start kicking in, or when you’re going to bed at night and want to get yourself off to a good night’s sleep.

Meditate With These Affirmations to Love Yourself

Meditating with your daily positive affirmations is a great way to believe them sincerely. When you take time to give yourself more self-love by focusing on the breath and your positive thoughts, you’ll be more likely to put your best self forward and be able to radiate love to yourself and others around you.

Listen to Them While You Sleep

If you have trouble thinking positive things or keeping a positive mindset, play a recording of your affirmations for self-love while you sleep. It’s best if the recording is in your own voice, but if you’re not comfortable with that, find a recording of self-love affirmations you like and let them play while you sleep.

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How to Create Your Own Self-Love Affirmations

You can find positive affirmations online, in books, and even hear them from friends and family, but sometimes it’s best if you create your own affirmations.

Here’s how.

Identify a Negative Belief or Thought

Think about the negative beliefs you have about yourself. These could be thoughts you think of often and now believe or words you hear yourself say often without really thinking about it. If you aren’t aware of the negative thoughts you have, slow down and listen to how you talk to yourself. Chances are that you’ll catch yourself in a negative thought faster than you realize.

Write It Down

Write down the negative belief. This isn’t to get you to think about it more but to help you change it to a positive or productive thought.

Write the Opposite of Your Negative Thought

Now look at your negative thought and see how you can change it into a positive one. This might take a little time, but give yourself a chance to see your inner beauty, inner wisdom, and ability to love yourself.

Make Your Self Love Affirmation Quotes Believable

As you create your self-love affirmations, make sure they are believable. In other words, make sure you believe them and that you aren’t just going through the motions. Don’t write something that’s out of your character or that you wouldn’t believe but think you have to do it.

Make it something that speaks to you and makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, even if you feel weird.

Test Out Your New Affirmations for Self-Love

Once you’ve created a few positive self-love affirmations, try them out on yourself. Use the method you’re most comfortable with, whether you say them out loud, write them down, say them in your head, or meditate on them.

See how you feel after using them a few times. Do they fill you up and make you feel good in your own skin? If you still feel ‘off,’ go back to the drawing board until you find affirmations that sit well with you.

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Affirmations for Self Love Examples

  1. I Am at Home in My Body.
  2. All Is Well in My World. I Am Calm, Happy, and Content.
  3. I Listen With Love to My Body’s Messages.
  4. I Deserve All That Is Good.
  5. My Happy Thoughts Help Create My Healthy Body.
  6. Everything Is Working Out for My Highest Good.
  7. I Make the Decisions for Myself.
  8. I Am Independent and in Control of My Life.
  9. I Am Worthy of Good Experiences.
  10. I Am Becoming Calm With Every Breath I Take.
  11. I Accept All of Me Unconditionally.
  12. Every Situation Is Easy for Me to Handle.
  13. I Am Capable.
  14. My Life Is a Blessing.
  15. I Am Human.
  16. Everybody Messes up Sometimes.
  17. I Shouldn’t Be So Hard on Myself.
  18. I Am Learning From My Mistakes.
  19. I Can Let This Go and Move Forward.
  20. Beating Myself up Isn’t Helpful.
  21. I Will Keep Trying.
  22. It’s Never Too Late to Change.
  23. My Struggles Are Opportunities.
  24. I Choose to Let Go of the Past.
  25. My Past Does Not Determine My Future.
  26. I Release Myself From the Weight of My Regrets.
  27. I Revoke Permission to Punish Myself for My Mistakes.
  28. I Am Growing Wiser Each Day.
  29. I Accept My Failures, but They Don’t Define Me.
  30. I Am Resilient.
  31. I Try My Best, and That Is All I Can Do.
  32. I Honor My Life’s Path.
  33. My Goal Is Progress, Not Perfection.
  34. Success Is Defined by My Willingness to Keep Going.
  35. I Commit to Get Out of My Head and Get Into the World.
  36. I Am Worthy of Love, Flaws, and All.
  37. I Accept All of Me With Love.
  38. I Deserve to Be Happy.
  39. Like Everyone, I Have Both Strengths and Weaknesses.
  40. No One Is Perfect.
  41. We Are All Works in Progress.
  42. I Believe in Myself.
  43. I Am Enough.
  44. I Will Treat Myself With the Kindness of a Friend.
  45. I Am Beautifully Unique.
  46. I Love Who I Am.
  47. I Am Not Afraid of My Feelings.
  48. I Am Right Where I Need to Be.
  49. I Shine Like a Diamond.
  50. I Won’t Apologize for Being Me.
  51. I Have Much to Celebrate.
  52. I Trust in Myself.
  53. I Feel All Self-Hatred Melting Away.
  54. I Am Letting Go of Judgment and Criticism.
  55. I Am a Gift to the World.
  56. I Can Deal With Whatever Comes My Way.
  57. I Say Goodbye to Self-Pity.
  58. I Shower Myself With Compassion.
  59. I Cherish My Relationship With Myself.
  60. I Am Capable of Achieving My Goals.
  61. I Have a Lot to Offer.
  62. I Embrace Positive Thoughts.
  63. I Respect My Limitations and Am Grateful for the Capabilities That I Have.
  64. I Am Beautiful.
  65. My Body Does Not Determine My Worth.
  66. Weight Is Just a Number.
  67. I Love My Body for All That It Does for Me.
  68. I Am at Peace With My Appearance.
  69. My Body Is My Friend.
  70. My Body Does Amazing Things.
  71. I Release the Negative Thoughts About My Body.
  72. I Am Strong and Healthy.
  73. Confidence Makes Me Powerful.
  74. I Nourish My Body Every Day.
  75. I Am Full of Vitality.
  76. My Body Deserves Love.
  77. Self-Worth Has Nothing to Do With Clothing Size.
  78. I Release All Shame About My Body.
  79. I Accept My Body the Way It Is Today.
  80. I Will Not Let My Mind Be a Bully to My Body.
  81. I Choose to Stop Obsessing About My Body.
  82. Hating My Body Won’t Make Me Healthier.
  83. There Is More to Life Than Worrying About What I Look Like.
  84. I Look Exactly the Way I’m Supposed To.
  85. My Body Is a Gift.
  86. I Deserve to Feel Good in My Skin.
  87. Thighs, I Thank You for Taking Me Where I Want to Go.
  88. Life Does Not Begin at My Goal Weight; It Is Happening Right Now.
  89. I Am Strong and Confident.
  90. I Allow Myself to Be Who I Truly Am.
  91. I Am Feeling Light and at Ease.
  92. Everything Is Under Control.
  93. I Am Attracting Positive Healing Energy to Myself.
  94. I Have All That I Need to Get Through This Day.
  95. I Am Safe at This Very Moment.
  96. I Am Becoming Stronger Every Second.
  97. I Am Gradually Opening Up to Feel Inner Peace.
  98. The Truth Is I Am Blessed, Loved, and Supported.
  99. I Am Stronger Than I Think I Am.
  100. I Trust the Process of Life.
  101. Life Is Always Working for Me.
  102. My Body Is Calm.
  103. I Am Relaxing Each Part of My Body.
  104. I Am Safe and in Control.
  105. I Appreciate My Life and Find Things to Be Grateful For.
  106. I Have the Ability to Overcome Setbacks.
  107. I Believe In My Ability to Get Through Tough Times.
  108. I Am Blessed, Loved, and Supported.
  109. I Accept Myself and Bring Peace to My Mind and Heart.
  110. I Believe in Myself Here and Now!
  111. I Am Healing.
  112. I Love Myself.
  113. I Am Worthy of Good Things.
  114. I Respect Myself and Treat Myself With Kindness and Love.

Self Love Affirmation FAQ

Do Self-Love Affirmations Work?

With regular practice, positive beliefs, and time, self-love affirmations do work. You have to let yourself believe them, though, and use them daily or even multiple times a day. Just saying them randomly or sporadically won’t have the same effect as if you say them often.

Do Daily Affirmations for Self Love Really Work?

Daily self-love affirmations are the best kind because they give your mind little room for negative thinking. They give you more time to think about your own life and how to choose self-love versus always giving for others and never thinking about yourself.

What Signs Show a Lack of Self Love?

Everyone shows a lack of self-love differently, but some of the common signs include:

  • Negative talk or saying mean things about yourself
  • The inability to have productive thoughts
  • Putting more emphasis on failures and negative interactions versus positive news
  • Constantly apologizing
  • Thinking you don’t deserve love or anything good

How Often Should You Say Self-Love Affirmations?

You should say self-love affirmations as often as possible. Most people start out saying them once a day, such as when they wake up in the morning or before bed but eventually work up to saying personal affirmations multiple times a day or whenever a negative thought creeps in.

What’s the Best Time of Day to Use Affirmations for Self-Love?

If you’re a morning person, saying your affirmations for self-love before you get your day going is best. It starts the day off on the right foot and helps you overcome challenges throughout the day.

If you’re not a morning person, and it would stress you out to have one more thing in your morning schedule, then before bed is also a great time to practice your positive self-love affirmations.

What’s the Difference Between Self-Esteem, Self-Worth, and Self-Confidence?

Self-esteem is what you think or feel about yourself, and self-confidence is how much you trust yourself to overcome challenges, handle difficult situations, and do what needs to be done. Finally, self-worth is how much you love yourself and feel that you’re worthy of love.

Try Out These Self Care Affirmations Now

Self-love is a crucial part of every person’s life. If you don’t love yourself, affirmations for self-love may help. Practicing self-love, teaching yourself that you are worthy, and trusting yourself to make the right decisions is the key to a happy, healthy life.