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20 Save Money Quotes to Inspire Your Financial Journey

20 Save Money Quotes to Inspire Your Financial Journey
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Saving money and improving your financial situation can be daunting. However, finding inspiration to keep you accountable and excited about your financial habits is a great way to succeed in your ventures. Having inspirational and encouraging quotes to turn to can help you stay on track. Below are some examples of money quotes to keep you inspired and motivated!

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What Are Saving Money Quotes?

These money quotes are short and simple sayings that can help you stay on track with your financial responsibilities and may inspire you to do more saving, spend less or give back. Hanging these money quotes up in a place you see often can help inspire and motivate you to keep making smart financial choices every day.

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Benefits of Save Money Quotes

There are many benefits to using these making money quotes. The first is that you will be inspired and motivated by the quotes daily. Being reminded of why you’re saving money, how far you’ve come, and being encouraged to continue your financial journey can help you stay strong even when times get tough. Watch your savings account grow as you continue on your journey!

Connecting with others by sharing these money quotes is another benefit to using these popular savings sayings. You can share them on social media or post them in public places so that others will also be encouraged!

Best Quotes About Money

Read on to experience a few powerful money quotes that can help inspire your financial journey. The quotes below can encourage you no matter your goals in saving money.

1. “Wealth Is the Ability To Fully Experience Life.” – Henry David Thoreau

An avid nature enthusiast, Henry David Thoreau was an expert on living life to the fullest. This quote shows how wealth can be measured in special experiences in life. Saving money is half the battle for experiencing a joyful life.

2. “Someone’s Sitting in the Shade Today Because Someone Planted a Tree a Long Time Ago.” – Warren Buffett

This amazing quote from Warren Buffet dives into the benefits of investing in our future self. By being smarter with your money now, you are improving your financial freedom for the future. In addition, saving enough money for the future and retirement can help you rest easier in your golden years.

3. “Stop Buying Things You Don’t Need, to Impress People You Don’t Even Like.” – Suze Orman

Spending money on trendy items is something many people are guilty of doing. One way to help gain control of your financial situation is to make sure you spend your hard-earned money on items that serve you and your goals. By prioritizing your needs, you will feel better about your purchases and experiences.

4. “It Takes as Much Energy to Wish as It Does To Plan.” – Eleanore Roosevelt

Reaching your financial goals requires patience and planning. Why spend time wishing for success when you can make a plan? There is a gigantic difference between waiting for change to happen and planning a series of goals to climb your way to success.

5. “Don’t Tell Me Where Your Priorities Are. Show Me Where You Spend Your Money, and I’ll Tell You What They Are.” – James W. Frick

Similar to Warren Buffet and his thoughts, this quote dives into prioritizing the important purchases in your life and making money stretch as far as it can. This quote is great for people who may struggle with impulse buys to help them remember financial priorities.

6. “You Must Gain Control Over Your Money or the Lack of It Will Forever Control You.” – Dave Ramsey

People spend money for various reasons and purposes throughout their lifetime. Employing smart financial decisions can be a struggle, but this quote highlights how lack of control with spending can harm your financial freedom in the future. Use this quote as encouragement for setting yourself up for success in the future.

7. “Money Is Only a Tool. It Will Take You Wherever You Wish, but It Will Not Replace You as the Driver.” – Ayn Rand

Rand provides an interesting scenario to get you thinking about where money can take you and your role in that journey. Money will help you reach goals and gain new experiences but must be handled carefully. This quote reminds us that we have a powerful role in deciding what is done once earned.

8. “A Bargain Ain’t a Bargain Unless It’s Something You Need.” – Sidney Carroll

Earning money in life is exciting, and often many folks can’t wait to go shopping to find the latest deals. When you purchase an item, you are still losing money from your accounts even if it is discounted, so be sure it has practical value to feel good about those savings.

9. “Money Looks Better in the Bank Account Than on Your Feet.” – Sophia Amoruso

Amoruso inspires us to think about where money can best help us succeed. People are often concerned with keeping up with trends and popular items to purchase, but it is important to remember financial responsibility. Having a savings account can come in handy if you run into unexpected emergencies or bills.

10. “It Is Never Too Early to Encourage Long-Term Savings.” – Ron Lewis

Starting early in your financial journey is extremely important. The earlier you start, the more money you will have put away for the future. Also, starting early can give your money more time to grow, especially if you are investing in the stock market toward retirement. Remember, even a penny saved is a penny earned.

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11. “Beware of Little Expenses; A Small Leak Will Sink a Great Ship.” – Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin reminds us that little expenses like $5 here and $10 there can quickly add up to a large amount taking a toll on your savings accounts and finances each month. So spend your money with more thought on priorities and financial goals to stay on track.

12. “Do Not Save What Is Left After Spending, but Spend What Is Left After Saving.” – Warren Buffett

Shifting your perspective on saving money can help you to view money in a different light. This quote helps us focus on putting our goals on our saving and budget. Once we have met savings goals, we can be freer with the money left.

13. “Every Time You Borrow Money, You’re Robbing Your Future Self.” – Nathan W. Morris

The less money borrowed from a bank or taken out in a loan, the better. The simple fact is that loans and credit cards cost us more money in the long run with high-interest rates and debt that can take a long time to pay off.

14. “Never Spend Your Money Before You Have It.” – Thomas Jefferson

While Thomas Jefferson is from older times, his advice still rings true. Planning for future purchases and financial needs can reduce the likelihood of taking out loans or overcharging credit cards and teaches self-denial. A good golden rule, especially for credit cards, is not to charge your card unless you have money to pay it off.

15. “The More Your Money Works for You, the Less You Have to Work for Money.” – Idowu Koyenikan

Using the income, you make smarter can help it go farther. By planning how you will use your money in a budget, you will worry less about your financial situation. This advice can also be put towards using your money to invest and grow more earnings for you in the long run. Remember, money can be a terrible master but an excellent servant.

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16. “Many Folks Think They Aren’t Good at Earning Money When What They Don’t Know Is How to Use It.” – Frank A. Clark

People often earn honest livings with their money but lose their wealth by misusing it. By educating ourselves on money and budgeting, and saving, we can feel more confident in our earnings.

17. “Save One-Third, Live on One-Third, and Give Away One-Third.” – Angelina Jolie

Jolie’s advice helps us think of the many ways we can use our hard-earned money. Of course, living expenses and emergency funds help us take care of ourselves now and later, but in the future, we may be in a better place financially to use our funds for other personal joys in life.

18. “Financial Peace Isn’t the Acquisition of Stuff. It’s Learning to Live on Less Than You Make, so You Can Give Money Back and Have Money to Invest. You Can’t Win Until You Do This.” – Dave Ramsey

Spending all our money on trending material items can leave us with empty pockets. Ramsey encourages the idea of saving more than you spend to help you get ahead in your savings journey.

19. “Empty Pockets Never Held Anyone Back; Only Empty Heads and Empty Hearts Can Do That.” – Norman Vincent Peale

Having money saved helps people of all backgrounds to reach their long-term goals. Becoming knowledgeable and taking steps toward financial success is the most important thing. Making money and using it wisely will set you up for success.

20. “When Money Realizes That It Is in Good Hands, It Wants to Stay and Multiply in Those Hands.” – Idowu Koyenikan

Koyenikan again discusses the importance of using your money for smart purchases and investing it in a worthy place. This way, your money is working hard for you.

Final Thoughts—Which Quotes Resonate With You?

After reading these money motivational quotes about saving money, there are many perspectives to gain inspiration from. Use some or all of these famous quotes to encourage you on your unique financial journey. While money can’t buy happiness, these quotes about making money can help you move from the thought of never spending your money to helping your money work smarter for you and your savings goals.