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41 Best FIRE Blogs to Learn More From

41 Best FIRE Blogs to Learn More From
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Everyone has a different FIRE journey, and that’s why reading FIRE blogs can be so fun. You can get different perspectives from the best finance blogs on the internet. We’ve discovered the best financial blogs for you to enjoy and hopefully get some inspiration to FIRE too.

What Is FIRE?

FI/RE stands for financial independence retire early. There’s no specific definition regarding what age you must be or how much money you must have. For some, it means having enough money saved to withdraw 4% of their savings per year and living comfortably.

Others have different definitions, and honestly, there’s no right or wrong way to do it. For example, some FIRE blogs focus on retiring as early as possible and not working at all, and others focus on retiring at your own pace but enjoying life along the way without the stress of a 9 to 5 that you hate.

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41 Best FIRE Blogs

1. How To FIRE, by John and Samantha Hawrylack

John and Sam have had a desire to reach financial independence much earlier in their lives than most people even understand the importance of credit and balancing a checkbook! Since they were in high school, John and Sam have always tried to save as much money as possible. They started their journey following Dave Ramsey’s principles, paying off their debt before getting married. In their first year of marriage, they realized they had even greater savings goals, which is when they stumbled upon Mr. Money Mustache and learned about the fire movement. The rest is history!

John and Sam quickly learned to save as much as 50% of their income, all while Sam was still attending college and being able to quit her full-time gig to run their financial blog, How to FIRE. What sets How to FIRE apart from the rest is John and Sam provide actionable pieces so each person can learn at their own pace and with practical experience. They know firsthand that you must learn by doing and see what works for you. Their blog is filled with resources anyone can use to start their own financial independence journey.

2. Mr. Money Mustache, by Pete Adeny

Mr. Money Mustache is one of the pioneers of the financial independence retire early movement. He started on the premise that money isn’t what buys us happiness. He was one of the first to showcase the theory of living below your means to follow the FIRE movement. His blog blew up when he showed that people could save tens of thousands of dollars just by focusing on financial independence versus instant gratification.Not everyone can live the way Mr. Money Mustache does, though.

To achieve financial freedom, he lives on $2,000 – $3,000 a month, but he did retire early. If you want to learn about frugal living, passive income, and reading a story about how someone achieves financial independence just by cutting his expenses, you don’t want to miss the thoughts Mr. Money Mustache shares about FIRE and early retirement.

3. Financial Samurai, by Sam Dogen

Sometimes we can learn best from those who lost a large part of their net worth and bounced back. It’s not always about reading success stories and feeling jealous of the people ‘born with a silver spoon in their mouths.’Sam Dogen, the founder of Financial Samurai, shares the stories of how he lost 25% of his net worth in 2009.

Besides that fact, he was still able to achieve FIRE and retire early, just three years later! Sam talks about his sacrifices to achieve financial independence and how you can apply them in your daily lives too. Then, he focuses on retirement planning and how his own frugal living in his own journey led him to the FIRE community and to become a leader of the FIRE movement.

4. ChooseFI, by Jonathan Mendonsa and Brad Barrett

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense financial blog that teaches you the methods to reach early Retirement, ChooseFI is a great option. There’s no fluff or lessons meant only for those fully entrenched in the personal finance world. So instead, the personal finance tips provided in this blog show you how to cut back, gain control of your money and achieve financial independence. Saving money will seem easy after reading this blog. The tips provided include tax tips, investing hacks, and even travel hacks to show you that you don’t have to sacrifice everything to achieve early retirement now.

5. Mad Fientist, by Brandon Ganch

Like a mad scientist, Mad Fientist picks the brains of some of the most influential people in the FIRE community, sharing their thoughts with his blog audience. You’ll read advice from the Mad Fientist himself as well as tips from wealthy and famous professionals who have already reached financial independence and want to share their own fire journey with you. Not only can you find his content in his retirement blogs, but he hosts a podcast too for those that prefer to listen rather than read.

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6. Tawcan

Tawcan is a personal finance blog that follows the dividend investing journey of a Canadian personal finance expert on a quest to retire early. His goal is to prove that pursuing financial independence isn’t just for the wealthy. The author lives on a single income with two kids living in Vancouver, Canada, an area with some of the highest living expenses. His focus is on dividend investing, and he journals his experience to add to the community the FIRE movement created.

7. JLCollinsNH

JL Collins started his blog for his daughter to teach her personal finance tips and what not to do. He is honest about his mistakes, focusing on stock investing and how it’s helping him achieve financial freedom. Also, in his FIRE blog, you’ll find information about travel hacks, business tips, and even life lessons.

8. Millennial Money, by Grant Sabatier

Grant Sabatier, the founder of Millennial Money, shares his strategies from going from poor to having a net worth of over $1 million in five years. His strategies to FIRE, retire early include tips for saving money, investing, and long-term retirement planning. Some of his thinking is ‘outside the box.’ His helpful insights help you get creative in your thinking, so you have to sacrifice less but can still follow the FIRE movement.

9. Afford Anything, by Paula Pant

Paula Pant is a popular influencer on the FIRE financial independence movement. Paula reached her financial freedom through passive income opportunities and real estate investments. Paula owns a blog and podcast that focus on ‘minding the gap’ as she puts it. In other words, increasing the difference between how much you make and how much you spend.

She doesn’t believe in tying yourself down to a 9 to 5 job that you hate either, and she also believes you have choice with every dollar you earn. Every dollar you spend has an opportunity cost. If you follow here how to FIRE blog, you might find that you spend more of your dollars on retiring early than on instant gratification before you know it.

10. Physician on FIRE

Who better to learn about FIRE finance from than a doctor, right? Physician on Fire is owned by a doctor who, at age 39, achieved financial independence. By age 43, he retired and wanted to help other doctors and ‘regular people’ do the same thing. His focus is on high-income individuals who may have a lot of debt or who got a late start in life, saving money for retirement. This is one of the personal finance blogs that touches on many subjects, including financial independence retire early, along with other topics to help you achieve financial success.

11. Rich & Regular, Kiersten and Julien Saunders

Kiersten and Julien Saunders were regular people living life in debt and working just to pay it off. Then, one day, they decided they were done working just to keep paying loans. They were just going through the motions without really living life. Within five years, they were able to pay off hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, quit their jobs, and reach financial independence. This is one FIRE blog related to the ‘everyday person.’ The person in debt and wants to get out, find ways to achieve financial freedom, and leave their stressful job.

12. Frugalwoods

If you wish to live a more meaningful life, rather than just working to get by, read Frugalwoods. The couple behind the blog quit their jobs and plunged right into living a frugal life and achieving financial independence within a few years. In this retiring early blog, they share their own journey along with real-life stories and case studies from others who have achieved financial independence. In addition, they cover a whole gamut of topics on how to manage and save money, but in ways you might not have thought of yet.

13. Go Curry Cracker

Go Curry Cracker authors debunk the typical ‘work 9 to 5 for 30 years, save your money, and retire in your 60’s mindset’ and share their thoughts with you. Instead of buying the house with the white picket fence, they lived in an apartment and didn’t own a car. They didn’t vacation and lived a frugal lifestyle to reach financial freedom in their 30s! Today Winnie Tseng and Jeremy Jacobson are powerhouses in the financial community. Their blog is fun to read, and they provide plenty to learn!

14. Millennial Revolution

Millennial Revolution is a blog by a couple who decided to join the FIRE financial independence movement early in life. Now in their 30s, they can travel the world and not worry about working a full-time job. They work on projects they want to work on that earn them money but allow them to live the free life they desire. Their focus is on investing, but they are big in the FIRE community, helping others learn their ways.

15. Root of Good

In Root of Good, you’ll learn from a husband and wife team that retired in their 30s and now does whatever they want. This FIRE financial independence blog covers many topics, including frugal living, investing, travel hacks, parenting financial hacks, and more.

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16. Route to Retire

The Route to Retire finance blog takes a whole new spin on financial freedom and early retirement. Jim, the blog owner, was able to retire at age 43 and moved his entire family to Panama, where they lived for three years. They are now back in the US, and Jim is sharing his stories and methods to help you increase your net worth so you can find your route to retire early too.

17. The Fioneers, by Jess and Corey

If typical retirement blogs talking about financial independence retire early scares you, try The Fioneers. Jess and Corey are on a path to retire early but on the slow path. They don’t believe in living an extremely frugal life just to stop working. Instead, they both work jobs they enjoy at a not-for-profit company and take the slow and healthy path to financial freedom.

18. 1500 Days to Freedom

The author of the 1500 Days to Freedom has a goal – retiring in 1500 days from his 41st birthday. He’ll likely reach it, too, thanks to his background of intense saving principles. The author was brought up to save, and when he graduated college and got his first job, he didn’t buy a fancy house or car. Instead, he invested heavily into his retirement. The author has no issues living the retire early lifestyle (frugal living), and he has a problem with the notion that most people need to have fancy cars, expensive clothing, and designer purses. In his FIRE blog, he teaches readers how to live a frugal life and retire early too.

19. Camp FIRE Finance

Campfire Finance isn’t your typical retiring early blog. Instead, it’s a blog that curates advice from hundreds of other financial independence blogs. Think of it like an early retirement forum where you get the advice and thoughts of many people in one place. It’s a great one-stop shop for all your early retirement advice.

20. Retire by 45, by Dylin and Allison

The FIRE movement blog Retire by 45 happened almost by accident. Dylin and Allison were unexpectedly laid off from their jobs within one month of each other. They both found that they loved the freedom of not working, so they set out to reach financial independence retire early. In their blog, you can follow their journey to financial independence. It’s one of those FIRE blogs that takes you along on real-life experiences to see what it’s like to FIRE and how you, too, can make it possible.

21. Journey to Launch

Journey to Launch started as a one-person blog about FIRE finance. It has quickly grown into a FIRE community of thousands of people following the journey along with a helpful podcast. Her journey to financial independence started with her first blog post in Journey to Launch, and today she lives a debt-free lifestyle and has had the luxury of enjoying earl retirement all while helping others.

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22. A Purple Life

A Purple Life is written by an anonymous blogger who aimed to retire early in 10 years but achieved financial independence in 5 years. Now at age 30, she journals her journey to help others make early retirement now a possibility for themselves.

23. Early Retirement Extreme

If achieving early retirement in the next five years is your goal, follow along with Early Retirement Extreme. This is one of those financial blogs that uses retire early forums to gather advice and help others achieve financial independence. Several resources on the blog include blog content, a FIRE forum, and a book to help you dig even deeper into the FIRE movement.

24. Early Retirement Now

Early retirement Now is written by Karsten, originally from Germany but came to the US in 1995. He worked a solid ten years at his career as a financial professional before retiring. His wife, who was an RN, also retired. Since then, they have traveled the world, enjoying early retirement. Early retirement Now is one of those money blogs that give advice you might not find elsewhere. Karsten focuses on the topics he knows are important, but other blogs miss. Some might seem a little technical, but they get the information across that readers need.

25. Melissa Neacato’s Traveling Wallet

Melissa Neacato took what she called a ‘mini-retirement’ and now is on a quest to do it more often. She calls herself the ‘roamer’ because she likes to live an unconventional lifestyle, and she’s on a quest to help others do the same. Her financial blog offers advice and encouragement for others to live their life dreams and do what they can to stop working the 9 to 5 hustle while staying financially independent.

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26. Liz Gendreau’s Chief Mom Officer

Chief Mom Officer isn’t so much about the FIRE movement but more about helping women achieve financial independence without the typical couponing blogs for women. Liz’s husband was a stay-at-home dad for many years while Liz worked. Today, they both work, but to save so that they can enjoy life to the fullest. Liz writes whatever comes to her mind to help others realize that not every FIRE journey is the same.

27. One Frugal Girl, Anonymous

The author of One Frugal Girl has achieved financial independence and wants to help others do the same. Her blog posts are inspirational success stories and advice for all things a personal finance blog should have to help others learn to invest money, save money, and plan for the future.

28. Mr. Tako Escapes

Mr. Tako Escapes is one of the finance blogs that shows how to retire early the old-fashioned way. Mr. Tako doesn’t have any secret tips or tricks. Instead, he will tell you he retired early by working hard, investing smart, and saving as much as possible. His blog focuses on personal finance, investing, and even working side hustles to increase your income and make early retirement possible.

29. The Financially Independent Millennial

The Financially Independent Millennial is targeted toward men looking to retire early. The retirement blog focuses on all things investing, saving, and even frugal living to help today’s men achieve financial independence early.

30. Abandoned Cubicle

Abandoned Cubicle is a chronicle of one man’s journey to financial independence. He hasn’t yet retired early but plans on it as his life goals are to work on passionate projects, not just IT.

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31. Angela Rozmyn’s Tread Lightly, Retire Early

Angela Rozmyn is a young mother who hasn’t reached financial independence yet but is working on it. She wants to get to the point that she can say she works because she wants to, not because she has to work. Her retiring early blog focuses on a wide variety of topics, all related to personal finance to help others do just like she does.

32. Our Rich Journey, by Amon and Christina Browning

Amon and Christina did a crazy thing and quit their jobs at age 39. They took the chance with their young family in tow and are here today to talk about it. Their blog is a recount of their journey, how they invested and what they do today to keep their family afloat while still enjoying their together time as a retired family.

33. Our Next Life, by Tanja Hester and Mark Bunge

Tanja Hester and Mark Bunge both retired before age 40, sharing their stories together. This is one of those relatable FIRE blogs because they are honest about their mistakes and even when they choose not to be frugal. It’s a refreshing take on the FIRE movement and is an excellent addition to your regular reading.

34. Mr. Free at 33, by Jason Fieber

Mr. Free at 33 is Jason Fieber, a man who achieved financial independence at age 33 and now shares his story and inspiration with others. He currently lives in Thailand, where he enjoys his life answering questions from his readers like ‘How can I retire early?’

35. Financially Alert, by Michael Quan

Michael Qaun, the founder of Financially Alert, achieved FIRE at age 36. He still works today and sometimes even more than when he ‘had to work,’ but now he does it because he wants to. His FIRE blog shares all the tips and tricks he used and still learns today to continue living a life of financial freedom.

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36. Accidental FIRE, by Dave

Accidental FIRE is by an author who achieved financial independence without realizing it. He had always been big on saving and investing aggressively but didn’t realize how much he had saved or the term of what he achieved until he read Mr. Money Mustache’s blog. Today, Dave still works, but he also shares his wisdom and insight on his FIRE blog to help others do the same.

37. Minafi, by Adam 

Minafi is a financial blog about minimalism along with mindfulness and, of course, FIRE. Adam journals his journey in this blog, helping others while he continues pursuing financial independence.

38. TuppennysFIREplace, by Tuppenny

Tuppenny has been through it all financially and shares her mistakes and journeys on her blog. She shares the lessons she learned and her journey to FIRE in her finance blog meant to help others achieve the level of success she has.

39. Inspire to FIRE

FIRE blogs sometimes strictly focus on FIRE, the numbers you need to meet, and how to get there. But, that’s exactly what Inspire to FIRE is to readers – a guide to join the FIRE community and start enjoying life.

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40. Aussie Firebug

Aussie Firebug is a FIRE blog written by an Aussie who achieved financial independence by investing in real estate and ETFs. If you’re looking for a different way to FIRE, this is one of those FIRE blogs you don’t want to miss.

41. Retire by 40, by Joe Udo

If your goal is to retire by 40, follow Joe Udo. He retired at age 38 and is now a stay-at-home dad, blogger, and inspiration to others who want to be financially independent.

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The Bottom Line

Financial independence blogs are a great way to get advice or perspective on personal finance and how you, too, can FIRE. No two FIRE blogs are the same. We recommend finding a handful you enjoy and reading them regularly so you, too, can be on your way to FIRE.


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