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Why Did We Start A Website/Blog?

>Most of our family, friends, and coworkers don’t understand what the FIRE movement is. We both do our best to try and explain to others what this community is made of, but we thought it may be beneficial for everyone to learn and apply the concepts at their own pace. We wanted to create resources that people with little to no understanding of FIRE could use as a learning platform. Our biggest goal is to help spread knowledge and help others to be more intentional with money. Even if your intentions aren’t to retire early, everyone needs to be working towards their version of financial independence.

Our Back Story:

About Us

My wife and I started trying to figure out our finances when we were sophomores in college, soon after we got engaged. We were broke college students desperate for a change, and we knew there had to be something that could change our path.

We were very fortunate to make great money working full-time through college (sometimes 50-60 hour weeks), but even so, we found ourselves with little to nothing left at the end of every month, especially Junior year when we decided to move into an apartment together. While putting us extremely close to both work and school (saving us 1.5 hrs each in the car every day) was a huge advantage, it still took a damper on our finances.

We started our financial journey with Dave Ramsey and we credit him with initially getting our financial lives on track. Within just a few months of budgeting, tactful planning, and God’s will, we finally began making some traction. However, we quickly realized that some of his principles didn’t align with what we believed in. We felt that his order of operations, savings rate, and credit card use guidelines could be optimized in a different way. We never stopped learning, and soon stumbled upon what we consider to be one of the greatest blog posts of all time – Mr Money Mustache’s Shockingly Simple Math Behind Early Retirement. This was a total game changer for us. After reading this article, we did more research and found the FIRE movement.

Even though our expenses drastically went up, we were able to start chipping away at our debts: student & car loans. By the time we graduated, we had paid off half of the student loans ($20,000), and $15,000 towards two car loans, even paying off one of them. We were able to pay the rest of our tuition in cash without taking out additional loans.

I started my dream job as a software engineer right after graduating (June 2016). The next week, we closed on our first home and just a month later – we got married. My wife continued to work full-time and graduated in 2017. She began her job in the financial services industry at the beginning of 2018.

Now that we both have our “career” jobs, we turned up the savings knob and said NO to lifestyle creep. Our take home pay hasn’t changed much since 2016, even with substantial raises, because our savings rate has skyrocketed to over 50% instead. We’re now able to save over $70,000 per year.

Our Why:

We want to pursue our passions outside of a 9-to-5. We want to live a fulfilling life traveling the world together, and enjoy more time with family & friends. Most importantly, we don’t want to worry about money!

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