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Upside Promo Code: Get Free Money Back For Gas

Upside Promo Code: Get Free Money Back For Gas
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There are so many cashback programs that you can sign up for. Credit card offers, like 2% cash back on every restaurant order, are great. Mobile apps that provide cash rewards as an incentive for store purchases, restaurants, grocery stores, or even survey apps can help pad your wallet by incremental amounts.

There’s truly an app for everything, and Upside, previously GetUpside, proves that point. Putting more money into your pocket for purchases you already made, Upside provides cashback opportunities at gas stations and other venues like restaurants.

With partnerships at thousands of gas station locations in the United States and a growing restaurant money-back system, Upside is becoming a big name in the “side hustle” field of making money for nothing. Download the app on Apple and Android devices easily and start making money! And look towards Upside promo codes to get every gallon cash back for free gas as a new user.

This guide will discuss the app, how to earn cash back and redeem money, its rewards system, and more. First, what is the app in detail?

Save Money At The Pump!

When you join Upside, you'll save up to 25¢ per gallon every time you get gas. It's a free app, and thousands of gas stations are offering cash back.

Use code "AFF25" while signing up to save up to $0.45 per gallon!

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What Is The Upside App?

In short, Upside is a mobile rewards app that gives you gallon cash back on every gas station receipt, shows you the cheapest gas stations near you as well as the best convenience store deals, and provides gallon cash back at a limited number of restaurants. You get up to 45 cents back per gallon on every receipt you submit, which can truly add up.

Think about it: If you are getting gas four times per month in a 16-gallon car, you’d multiply that by the months in a year, and finally multiply that by 45 cents, you could be getting up to 345 dollars back each year on the gas you purchased. That’s a huge amount of money.

It’s pretty simple to use. Just upload your receipt after you are done filling up your car or purchasing things at restaurants, and you are good to go!

How Does Upside Work?

Upside works like this:

  • Look on the app and make sure you go to a gas station that offers cash back through Upside.
  • Go to the gas station and fill your car, making sure to save the receipt.
  • Upload the receipt to the Upside app and claim your gallon cash back bonus.

There’s not much more to it than that. One of the best parts of the program is that there is no minimum requirement to withdraw money to your PayPal account, making it one of the rare cashback apps that specialize in giving your money back to you as soon as possible.

To signup you can download it on their website or directly on the app store (Mobile App available on iOS and Android). Make sure you use a code during checkout on first purchase. Some discount promo codes are only available to new customers. Special store coupons may have expiration dates. Codes and coupons codes may vary based on store, state and location.

Continue reading to see how your first-order might have you qualifying for a discount coupon code. Terms and conditions apply.

Upside Reviews

Upside has incredible reviews from both typical users and professional reviewers alike. It’s almost got a perfect 5.0/5.0 on both the App Store and Google Play store, has tens of thousands of curated reviews and has been downloaded well over 10 million times. With numbers like that, it’s bound to be a success.

It’s one of the biggest cashback apps online, and because of its huge market share, there exists a path for future growth for the company, meaning more opportunities for you to get cashback in your pockets.

Although it obviously sounds too good to be true, it’s not that way in reality. Testimonials prove it; just take a peek at the App Store or Google Play’s ratings discussions. A Upside review is typically great.

Save Money At The Pump!

When you join Upside, you'll save up to 25¢ per gallon every time you get gas. It's a free app, and thousands of gas stations are offering cash back.

Use code "AFF25" while signing up to save up to $0.45 per gallon!

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Upside Promo Code

There are a few coupon codes that are offering great deals by adding initial cash boosts to your profile. Depending on which discount code you use, you can save more on gas than some store reward and loyalty programs.

Here are some of the best Upside promotion-code discount offers, be sure to get coupon code at checkout ready!

  • Use promotional code AFF25 to increase your sign up bonus!

Now that you have some promos for Upside, how will you use them to save money? Here’s how:

  • Tap the “Profile” button in the gas app’s main menu
  • Tap “Edit” next to where it provides a Upside promo code section
  • Submit your discount promotion code

Moving forward, your Upside gas promo code will apply to the next gas offer that you claim at checkout. Unfortunately, only one code can be added at a time, so keep that in mind when looking for the best possible coupons for you.

Upside Rewards and Benefits

There are a ton of awesome reward programs and referral programs on the gas app. First, let’s go through the Upside user referral program you can get when you use Upside.

It provides 20 cents per gas more back to you as long as you had someone else sign up using your referral link. That 20 cents extra also applies to the signing-up party, too. It works for multiple people!

When you fill-up gas with mid-grade, premium, and diesel fuel, you will get up to 10 cents extra per gallon. Obviously, not every car will require anything other than regular fuel options, but this ensures that even if you are paying more for gas, you will be getting more back than you would otherwise.

If you check the deals happening at specific gas stations or gas station convenience stores on the app, that’s also a rewards benefit of the program. All you have to do is save your receipt and upload it to the app, and you’ll get rewards like this!

Upside Frequently Asked Questions

Is Upside Legit?

There’s no doubt that the app is legitimate. With all the downloads, ratings, and reviews, you’d have to ensure that all the people giving these stars are lying and getting paid for it.

That’s obviously ludicrous! Cashback applications are everywhere, and Upside is just another one in a long line of successful programs. The company, by the way, is based in the U.S. with offices in cities like Chicago and Austin, and it started out in Washington D.C. on a much smaller level. It’s real, and it’s ready for you.

Is Upside Free to Use?

Upside is completely free and requires no payments on your part. The only possible charge you will get for using the app is when you are looking to withdraw from your account credits. For example, if you are requesting a payout to PayPal under 15 dollars, then you will have to pay a one-dollar fee. If you want a paper check, you will have to withdraw at least 50 dollars at one time.

How Much Gas Can I Claim With Upside?

Usually, people won’t need to worry about a maximum level of gas when claiming money back using Upside. However, some gas stations have a $10 per fill-up limit. Still, for those who are traveling extensively over the course of each day, there’s a large amount of gas allowed to you.

That’s typically not something anyone will have to worry about, though, and none of this is a limited-time offer for the free gas app! The only use we could think of was if you drive for Uber of Lyft all day long, then these special offers may not help you shop at gas stations on that day.

Where Is Upside Available?

Upside has thousands of partner locations across the United States, but as of writing this article, it is not available in nine states. Here is a list of all the available gas stations across the country that Upside currently works with:

  • Alabama (127 gas stations)
  • Arkansas (98 gas stations)
  • Arizona (50 gas stations)
  • California (82 gas stations)
  • Colorado (83 gas stations)
  • Connecticut (120 gas stations)
  • District of Columbia (51 gas stations)
  • Delaware (49 gas stations)
  • Florida (1,484 gas stations)
  • Georgia (999 gas stations)
  • Iowa (161 gas stations)
  • Illinois (685 gas stations)
  • Indiana (286 gas stations)
  • Kansas (38 gas stations)
  • Kentucky (209 gas stations)
  • Louisiana (155 gas stations)
  • Massachusetts (146 gas stations)
  • Maryland (281 gas stations)
  • Maine (23 gas stations)
  • Michigan (600 gas stations)
  • Minnesota (109 gas stations)
  • Missouri (169 gas stations)
  • Mississippi (79 gas stations)
  • North Carolina (1,158 gas stations)
  • Nebraska (29 gas stations)
  • New Hampshire (48 gas stations)
  • New Mexico (46 gas stations
  • Nevada (13 gas stations)
  • New York (295 gas stations)
  • Ohio (332 gas stations)
  • Oklahoma (122 gas stations)
  • Pennsylvania (89 gas stations)
  • Rhode Island (21 gas stations)
  • South Carolina (654 gas stations)
  • South Dakota (32 gas stations)
  • Tennessee (300 gas stations)
  • Texas (1,999 gas stations)
  • Virginia (785 gas stations)
  • Vermont (27 gas stations)
  • Washington (25 gas stations)
  • West Virginia (45 gas stations)
Save Money At The Pump!

When you join Upside, you'll save up to 25¢ per gallon every time you get gas. It's a free app, and thousands of gas stations are offering cash back.

Use code "AFF25" while signing up to save up to $0.45 per gallon!

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How Does Upside Referral Program Work?

Like we mentioned before, Upside’s referral program is fantastic. It provides both the referrer and referee with an extra 20 cents per gallon on top of the already high 45 cents per gallon that you can get at maximum cashback levels. As long as someone you know already has a referral link and has an account, they can send you the URL or invite code to get you into the program.

This does not have a limit; as long as you keep signing people up, and they start using the app, you will continue to get an extra 20 cents per gallon. Just know that the referee must spend at least 10 dollars on their first gas purchase or first fuel fillup.

You can also stack these referral codes up. For example, if three people use your referral code before you go for your next gas fill-up, you will get an extra 60 cents on top of the normal rate to receive cash back offers at that gas station.

The greatness of the referral program doesn’t end, either. Each time one of your direct referrals buys gas going forward, you will get an extra two cents per gallon deposited into your account. Each time one of their referrals buys gas, you will get an extra cent. It’s an unbelievable deal, and it takes no extra work on your part.

How Can I Earn Cash With Upside?

Let’s do some more math. If you get 500 gallons of gas per year and get 25 cents back in your pocket per gallon, you would be earning 125 bucks that year simply off uploading receipts.

There is no limit to how much you can make off filling your tank. There are other more limited uses to Upside, like up to 15% cash back through groceries depending on the location and 35% cash back with certain restaurants. Gas, though, is where Upside shines.

How Does Upside Make Money?

Apps like Upside make deals with retailers like gas stations (Exxon, Shell, etc.) who pay Upside to be included in the app. They also share user data with marketing teams. They then bank on people going to those gas stations and retailers to purchase fuel, thereby putting money these gas stations effectively paid for marketing back into their pockets.

Consumers then get money back for the gas. It’s a win-win-win scenario, and depending on how much profit gas stations can make, it’ll continue to grow.

Save Money At The Pump!

When you join Upside, you'll save up to 25¢ per gallon every time you get gas. It's a free app, and thousands of gas stations are offering cash back.

Use code "AFF25" while signing up to save up to $0.45 per gallon!

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Upside Promo Code and Start Saving Money!

Upside is a fantastic app if you are looking to save money on essential purchases like gas, and even grocery stores and restaurant bills lead to extra cashback. With its excellent referral programs and hundreds of saved dollars per year, it’s a no-brainer to sign up. Start saving money now with Upside!

What other cash back apps do you use to save money? Tell us your favorites in the comments!