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Get Paid to Read Books: 35 Legit Sites

Get Paid to Read Books: 35 Legit Sites

Do you love reading books? Now you can get paid to read books. Companies are always looking for ways to help market their authors and reviews are one way that anyone can help. Whether you get paid money or in books, you receive compensation in exchange for your review.

Are you ready to turn your passion for reading into money making side gigs? Check out our long list of how to get paid to read books below.

How to Make Money Reading Books

Many companies, like those below, compensate you for reading and/or reviewing books. Spoiler, there are multiple ways to make money from your passion for books than just to write book review materials or summaries. Check out the requirements and how you get paid below.

1. Kirkus Media

Kirkus is mostly a paid book reviewer company. If you want to get paid to read books there, you must prove your abilities with your resume and writing samples. Each review is approximately 350 words.

2. Reedsy Discovery

Get early access to the newest books before they are published or recently published books and get paid to review them. You can choose books yourself from the pool of available books or read books from authors who ask for you specifically after you establish yourself. Your review becomes a part of the book’s launch and can help both you and the author. Simply complete the application to get started and you’ll earn $1, $3, or $5 per review, as each author determines the pay. 

3. Online Book Club

Online Book Club pays $5 to $60 per review and you get the book for free. Provide your email address here, if you’re interested. After your first review, they’ll pay you according to the payment offered for each review.

4. U.S. Review of Books

U.S. Review of Books takes their book reviews seriously. To apply, you must provide your resume, sample work, and two professional references. If accepted, they assign reviews on a first-come-first-serve basis among the qualified reviewers for the particular book. U.S Review pays reviewers monthly.

5. Women’s Review of Books

As the name suggests, Women’s Review of Books is reviewed by women of books written by women or mostly written by women. They pay well, at $100 per review, but only accept journalists, professionals, and experienced reviewers for the task.

6. Booklist Publications

Booklist Publications is a list of reviews meant for librarians to fill their school libraries with quality books. Only assigned reviews are accepted and most of them do reviews in-house. The reviews they do outsource have specific requirements. They pay between $12.50 – $15 for reviews, but reviews published in the magazine may be worth more money.

7. Instaread

If you’d rather give a recap of a book than a review, check out Instaread. Summaries should be between 1,000 – 1,500 words, but they pay $100 per review. You must follow their style guide, or check out their app to get a better idea of what they expect.

8. Booklist Online

Booklist is the American Library Association’s book reviews. It supplies reviews of books from all genres as well as magazines. Booklist pays reviewers $15 per review and $5 per rejected review. You must provide examples of your writing and follow Booklist’s other guidelines to be accepted. 

9. BookBrowse

BookBrowse is an online magazine of reviews. They hire experienced book reviewers for both fiction and non-fiction books. Reviews include a standard review as well as an in-depth summary of the book. You can see the application process here, which includes submitting two articles of at least 300 words to review for approval.

More Ways to Get Paid to Read Books

Sometimes going through a marketplace matches you with authors, publishers, and agents that need help marketing a book. You may get paid in dollars or books, depending on the marketplace and the demand for reviews. Continue on to learn how to get paid for reading books using a marketplace below.

10. Upwork

Upwork, as you probably know, is a freelancer’s website. Each job is different and is based on the client’s needs. You work with the client on the pricing and they tell you the specifications before you even accept the job. Some reviews are one-offs and others turn into long-term gigs for reviewers.

11. Freelance Writer’s Den

Freelance Writer’s Den is a members’ only job board writers can join to get all types of jobs including writing reviews of books. The cost is $25 a month, but you can quickly earn that back by publishing reviews.

12. Tyndale Blog Network

Tyndale doesn’t pay reviewers in dollars but in points. If you want free books you can exchange your points for that. You get 10 points for every review you publish on Amazon or Barnes and Noble’s site. You may earn up to 50 points in 30 days. Other ways you may earn points include taking surveys, shopping at Tyndale, and referring friends.

13. getAbstract

If you love non-fiction books, you may catch a gig to write reviews for the genres you enjoy. Whether you love to summarize science magazines or speak another language but are native in English too, you’ll find great paying gigs at getAbstract.

14. Writerful Books

If you have experience in book reviewing, Writerful Books wants you. They accept assessments on any type of books but prefer contemporary and award-winning novels. Writerful provides many resources for you to get your hands on free books to review or advanced copies. The top reviewer receives a $100 Amazon gift card.

book reviewer jobs

Book Reviewer Jobs

Money isn’t the only way reviewers get paid to read books. Receiving books or even clout as a reviewer is sometimes all reviewers need to get their career off the ground.

Check out the list of companies that help you get your book reviewing business going.

15. Book Browse

Book Browse doesn’t pay you for your review, but you keep the book for free. Prior to each book launch Book Browse has 25 Advanced Readers’ Copies, so it’s a first-come-first serve system, but there are 4 to 6 books to choose from each month.

16. Moody Press

You won’t get paid for the books you review here, but you do get to keep the books. All Moody Press books are Christian or biblical, so if this is a niche you enjoy, you may like the free books. Moody requires a review within 60 days of you accepting the book.

17. New Pages

New Pages collects reviews on small press books or literary magazines. They don’t provide you with the books but will accept reviews on any material you’ve read recently that fits the bill. New Pages doesn’t pay you monetarily, but they give you props on their social media page, which if they tag you can help you build your book reviewer brand.

18. Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weekly is a magazine that publishes book review information on both self-published and traditionally published books worldwide. They aren’t currently looking for new reviewers, but they put out a request periodically. If you’re interested, keep checking back on the website

19. NetGalley

NetGalley is the marketplace for readers and publishers. Users can peruse the catalog of available books to read and review. It’s like the social media for book reviews. The larger the following that you have, the more publishers and authors will choose you to review their books. You don’t get paid, but you do get to read the books for free, which for a book lover is just as good. 

20. Bethany House

Bethany House always looks for reviewers to write about Christian fiction and non-fiction books. They look for more than a write-up though, they prefer reviewers that will hype up the books on their social media pages and other platforms. You must complete their application to be considered. 

21. Chicago Book Review

If you love writing in-depth reviews about books, Chicago Book Review opportunities include providing you with free books in exchange for your review. The books you review originate in Chicago and come from one of the 125 publishing houses located in the Windy City.

22. Book Jobs

Review books on Amazon (you need a verified account) and you get unlimited free online books via Book Jobs. As long as you review one book every 3 months, your account remains active and you can read as many books as you want. 

23. AgentQuery

AgentQuery started as a place for writers to get with agents, but reviewers often have luck connecting with agents too. Sometimes there are direct opportunities listed on the site, but other times, you must do the requesting yourself with individual agents. 

24. Publishers Marketplace

Publishers Marketplace brings writers and publishers together. It requires a paid membership, but you can get matched with numerous review opportunities weekly, helping you make your money back quickly. You can cancel your membership at any time. 

25. Springer

Springer provides viewers with a free online copy of a desired book. You have six months to read and review the book. If you publish your review online, in a specialty journal, or an international magazine, they’ll send you a physical copy of the book for free. 

26. BookBub

Anyone can review books on BookBub. While you don’t get paid, you help others that may be interested in the book or wouldn’t know about the book without your reviews. The reviews also help authors rank higher in the search algorithms so they sell more books. 

27. LibraryThing

You can get Advanced Reader Copies of books that haven’t come out yet as well as free copies of books that have come out at LibraryThing. All they ask for in return for the free book is your honest review. Copies are limited, so act fast if there’s a book you want to read. 

28. Readers’ Favorite

Readers’ Favorite has books from all walks of life including books from top-name publishers and indie books. They look for more professional content so be prepared to show your abilities to get accepted. 

29. Lola’s Blog Tours

Lola’s Blog Tours is a book touring company that lets reviewers write about books of all genres from kids to adults in exchange for the free book. You can see the available books on their website, request one, read it, and post the review on your blog or social media. 

get paid to read books

Creative Ways to Make Money Reading Books

Reading isn’t the only way to make money with books. If you’ve read all the books and want to take it a step further, consider any of the following careers:

30. Proofreader/Editor

Start a freelance business offering your proofreading and editing services to self-published authors or check with local publishing agents to see if they’re hiring proofreaders/editors. 

31. Translator

Help authors get their books published in other countries/languages by translating the books in your native language.

32. Publisher

If you know all there is to know about writing, editing, and designing books, work as a publisher. Start a business helping budding writers just like yourself make a name for themselves.

33. Narrator

If you can get into the voices of the characters in a book and read with inflection and feeling, consider narrating audiobooks. This is the ultimate pay to read books job. You read and get paid at the same time. 

34. Marketing

Do you love promoting books? If you love making money writing book reviews and want your work to have even more impact, consider marketing the latest book promotions. Self-published authors have the greatest need for individual marketing specialists.

35. Blog or YouTube

If you have a large following, consider marketing for your authors. Alternatively give yourself a chance to make money writing your own book, or start a book publishing business in the form of a blog. Give your real opinion on the book and let your audience know why they too should read the book.

Can You Get Paid to Read and Review Books?

Never do a free job for someone, especially since you’re trying to make money online and get paid monthly with your side hustle. Be sure that you’re getting paid for the previous month worth of work, or that you can collect every two weeks from your efforts reading and reviewing books!

You won’t get rich with paid book reviews, but when you’re doing something you’re passionate about, it can feel like you’re getting paid in spades. Whether you want to get paid to read books in money or you just enjoy getting the free books and publicity, there are many ways for you to earn a little something doing a hobby you love.

If you’re looking for other fun ways to make money on the side, check out our other articles.


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