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Best Halloween Money Costume Ideas for Adults and Kids

Best Halloween Money Costume Ideas for Adults and Kids
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A Halloween party is the perfect place to get creative and show off your wild side. But if you’ve been hosting the same old bash every year, it can be tough to come up with new ideas for costumes. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the best Halloween money costume ideas to inspire your next big night out!

Best Halloween Money Costume Ideas for Adults

DIY Money Costume Ideas

Dollar Bill Costume

This classic costume is always a popular choice, but it can be expensive if you don’t DIY. All you need are some blue jeans, yellow highlighters and some green clothing dye spray to get this look down pat. It might take a few tries to perfect your technique, but the finished product is worth the effort!

Credit Card / ATM Costume

Once again, this costume calls for some creative DIY skills thanks to its use of paper money. But trust us-the end result is totally worth it! Just cut out card details from real money before gluing them onto larger sheets of green or white paper to create your own personalized look that everyone will love!

Monopoly Man Costume

To create this memorable costume you’ll need a yellow top hat, red monocle and an oversized white shirt with lots of yellow details. Then finish off the look by drawing on as much money as possible! The best part about this outfit is that you can use real or fake money and it will still be humorous and charming for all your friends and family.

$tash Dress Costume

This snazzy dress not only looks great but it’s also super practical for those who love to go out without a purse! Just gather together your favorite stacks of bills (make sure they are small enough to fit into pockets), stick them securely into place with double sided tape, then do up the back zipper before slipping the dress on. It might take a few tries to get it spot on, but once you do, you’ll be ready for your next big night out!

Coin Crown Costume

This outfit is sure to turn heads no matter where you go! All you need are some cardboard toilet paper rolls and silver spray paint to create this amazing look that will leave everyone speechless. And just think-you can wear it again and again without anyone ever realizing what it’s made of (just don’t tell them!)

Money Cones Costume

When deciding how to make this crazy outfit, we recommend getting hold of some colored cardstock for the cone shapes and different colors of bill sequin fabric (dollar sequins work best) to add all the pretty details. The end result is well worth the effort and will certainly be a conversation starter at any party or event!

Money Tree Costume

We love this fun and creative costume idea because not only do you get to look like an adorable plant but it’s also practical for your next big night out or Halloween party! Just get hold of some green clothes, stuffing, straw, brown packing paper and lots of green foam sheets to form your own money tree that can double up as both a cute outfit and a place of comfort when you need one most.

$100 Bill Adult Costume (One Size Fits All)

You came, you saw but did you conquer? With the help of this realistic fake green money garb, you can experience what it’s like to be a hundred dollar bill.

Women’s Money Print Zipfront Catsuit

Stand out in this beautiful money print zip front outfit!

Men’s Cashanova Party Suit (Size 36-52)

Dress to impress with this money printed suit!

Unisex Money Heist Halloween Costume for Adults

Live a little dangerously with this vibrantly colored money heist Halloween costume!

Best Halloween Money Costume Ideas for Kids

If all of the halloween activities for toddlers doesn’t set the spirit, surely putting on some great costumes will set the tone. Here are some suggestions below:

Baby Bag of Money

Flex on everyone with your big ole’ bag of cash! Snag this outfit for your baby.

Unisex Halloween Robber Outfit

Steal the show with this unisex robber costume set. It’s got everything you need, without having to rob the bank.

The Best Money Outfit for Your Halloween Party

Whether you choose to DIY or spend a few bucks on a costume this season, you’ll be sure to create a memorable experience. These money themed costumes will be sure to leave your friends speechless as well!