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What Type of Information Can You Learn About a Candidate By Reference Checking?

What Type of Information Can You Learn About a Candidate By Reference Checking?
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More and more companies are completing reference checking prior to hiring a candidate for a position. Reference checking can involve many elements, including checking the credentials of a candidate, verifying their education, talking to past employers, and even speaking to personal references. If your business does not currently complete reference checks prior to hiring, you may want to consider doing so. This is because you can obtain a wealth of information prior to hiring a candidate. Here are just a few of the things that you can learn about a candidate by completing reference checks. 

If They Have the Education and Experience Needed For The Job

One of the most important elements that you can learn about a candidate by completing a reference check is whether they have the education and/or experience needed for the job that you are offering. It is not hard for a candidate to lie about their education and/or what type of work experience they have. And unfortunately, if they do not have the education or experience needed, it can be detrimental to your business. By completing a reference check, you can ensure that the candidate has the educational background that they claim and that they have the certifications or work experience that you require for the job. 

What Their Work Ethic and Personality Is Like

Another key piece of information that you can learn about a candidate when you run a reference check is what their work ethic and personality are like. Every candidate tends to be on their best behavior during an interview. They may appear to be punctual, polite, and professional. Unfortunately though, what you get when they start to work for you day in and day out can be something quite different. When you complete a reference check, you are talking to past employees who may be able to clue you into what the candidate’s true work ethic and personality are like. 

Whether There Have Been Adverse Actions Taken Against the Employee

One of the most important pieces of information that you may be able to ascertain about an employee upon completing a reference check is whether a prior employer may have taken adverse actions against the employee, including writing up the employee or firing an employee. In some states, a past employer may not be able to tell you what actions they may have taken, but they can tell you if the working relationship was severed under bad terms and if the employee is hirable again or not at the company. This is key information that may be able to tell you whether the candidate will be a problem employee. 

Determine If They Are An Overall Good Fit For Your Position

All in all, the information that you are able to obtain by completing a reference check will be able to help you determine if the candidate will likely be a good fit for your company and the position you have open, or whether you should continue the search. Letting an employee go after they have been hired is not only a waste of time but can present legal challenges as well. Taking the time to really research an employee and whether they are a good fit for your company can help you avoid missteps when hiring and find you the right candidate for your position. 

There are numerous benefits associated with completing reference checking on employees prior to hiring them, and there is a lot of information you can obtain about someone through reference checking. Unfortunately, though, reference checking can be time-consuming and require some work, especially if you are verifying a lot of information or calling numerous references. Outsourcing your reference checking can be beneficial. If your company is ready to perform reference checks and you are looking to outsource your reference checking needs, it’ll be a worthwhile investment.