Debt Thermometer Colorable Printable - Bundle Pack


Debt Thermometer Colorable Printable - Bundle Pack

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Use these debt thermometers as an interactive way to track your progress towards paying off debt in your journey to financial independence!

These debt thermometers allow you to keep track of paying off all kinds of debt (credit cards, car notes, mortgages, and student loans), or if you want to combine all of your debts into one.

You can customize this debt thermometer to your specific amount owed, and calculate how much debt you have paid off in 10% increments. Just fill in the amounts on the blank lines, and color as you go!

This package includes SIX TOTAL PRINTABLES:

  1. Debt Payoff Goal Thermometer
  2. House Payoff Goal Thermometer
  3. Car Payoff Goal Thermometer
  4. Student Loan Payoff Goal Thermometer
  5. Credit Card Payoff Goal Thermometer
  6. BONUS: Emergency Fund Goal Thermometer


Once payment is complete the digital files will be available for download in an email.

Letter Size Paper (8.5” x 11”)

I suggest using a bright white paper with a heavier weight such as 40lb for more durability.


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