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5 Hacks for Short-Handed Entrepreneurs

5 Hacks for Short-Handed Entrepreneurs
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If the business mantra of the 20th Century was, “good help is hard to find,” perhaps the mantra of the 21st Century should be “worthwhile help is impossible to find.” As an entrepreneur with dreams of real accomplishment, one of the toughest truths is the recognition that qualified, available workers are in short supply.

The competition between employers for employees tends to drive up what you have to pay workers at a time when containing costs is an essential aspect of your company’s development. Still, you cannot do every job yourself. You need to find people to whom you can turn over tasks and trust they will be completed properly. Where are you going to find those workers? Here are some ideas that may encourage you in your search.

Get Someone Good to Answer That Call

You did not go into business to spend your time answering the phone. Frankly, you would like your employees to spend as little time on the phone as possible. Despite this, you remember that more than half of all customers make phone calls to businesses they want to engage.

The quandary is, how do you not waste an employee’s time on the phone when you know you need a live person to talk to your customers. The solution is an answering service. There are services today that allow you to establish a business protocol enabling them to serve as your surrogate employee. There are various ways to pay for a topflight professional answering service, and all of them are more economical than hiring someone to sit by the phone.

Send Your Workers Home

They may not have realized it before the pandemic, but 31% of full-time employees prefer working at home rather than coming to the office. The question for you is, can your employees work from home rather than from a workplace or a job site. Like so many discovered during the quarantine days, the same paycheck goes farther when you are working from your own house.

Initial studies indicated that productivity actually went up overall when people worked from their dwellings. In the same vein, you might ask to what extent your business needs a dedicated workplace. Any number of commercial property managers have shared office spaces available that will allow you to stage frequent meetings with employees and customers. Getting away from property overhead may allow you to offer more of your operating budget to employees.

Create New Ways to Pay

Finding new ways to enhance the working experience for employees not only adds to their incentive to work for your company but also expresses to them that you are in touch with and care about their human needs. There may be several ways you can offer benefits to your workers that go beyond pay:

  • Reimbursement for childcare. There are a number of options in this regard including contracting for special rates with extant daycare facilities.
  • Using gig workers or farming out work to agencies. Some individuals may prefer to be gig workers whenever possible, which also frees up tax and benefit money for you. You may be able to contract with agencies that provide the workers you need at those specific times you require them.
  • From travel opportunities to achievement bonuses—that may pay for themselves—there are many possible perks you can offer that your employees may find attractive.

Share Your Staff

Do you know that expert you must have but only need for 15 hours a week? Chances are another company needs the same kind of help, but not full-time. Communicating with other businesses about their needs may allow you to forge an employee partnership. Which of the two businesses would the expert work for? Federal law says she or he can simultaneously be an employee of both. This “joint employment” arrangement was first sanctioned by the US government in 1938 and only requires that the two companies maintain shared records of the total hours worked.

Take a Staycation to Focus on Hiring

A common corporate reality is that many business leaders try to locate and employ talent while running their companies full time. There is a suggestion in a recent Entrepreneur article that top execs refocus your hiring processes by determining what sort of person you are looking for and devoting all your attention to that one task.

This cuts down on the time between multiple interviews, obligatory background checks and mulling over the decision. You do not want to waste your time, so you will move quickly. This also makes it more likely that employees you are interested in will make be attracted to your company because they like decisiveness as well, especially the idea that you wanted them and did not hesitate to say so.

Good employees are a company’s most precious resource. Perhaps these few ideas can help you find just the workers you need for years to come.